Enjoying the shu cream that boss bought while having our long meeting 😀

It’s go-home day and I forgot when was the last time I took bus from that bus-stop =/
Dropped by to collect my Rilakkuma films first since the seller lives pretty near me; saved on postage cost…hehe.

Finally got them! ❤

Super heavy rain just before I got home…Zzzzz.
Sad to see that the rabbit I’m used to seeing everyday is gone!!! D:

I really hope it has just been adopted and not any other bad news…
I’m gonna miss you every time I take the stairs x.x

Glad that my brother came back early since I’ve been going out so often lately and didn’t manage to chat with him much~ Last Sunday he was even “disappointed” when I had the impromptu outing with Lyn! Haha!

It’s really not bad to be back at home after work once in a while (:

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


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