Amateur Senior -.-"

Had a sumptuous lunch at Soup Restaurant because boss was craving for the Samsui chicken! I admit that initially I was kinda reluctant because I’m trying to save money for October x.x

But I will always still follow suit because I don’t wanna be the spoiler aka 害群之马~ Like just because I’m saving money and everyone else don’t get to enjoy =/

Who knows at the end of the meal, boss announced that it’s on him again! –faint!

Our sumptuous lunch!

The place serves good food and even the olive rice is nice! I’m definitely not a fan of rice at all and boss was surprised to see me eating it! Haha! Cause they know how much I dislike rice… But this is flavoured rice! So much nicer than the plain white rice…hehe.

Anyway we were all really full after the meal even though it’s said to be for 3 persons~
And I was extra full because boss kept saying, “You have kickboxing later, you need energy! Eat more! Eat more! *put food on my plate* ” D:

Then after the full meal, he decided to buy some cream puffs again!

3 of us: No, it’s okay… We are really full…

Boss: (to staff) Can I have 4 of this?

Boss: (to us) You don’t have to eat now… You can eat it later~

Staff: Do you want to get 5 instead? Buy 5 get 1 free~

Boss: Okay! 5 then!

So we ended up having 6 shu creams for 3 very-full-people + 1 overly nice boss x.x

Managed to reach training ground slightly earlier today and partnered with the pretty butch, okay I should stop calling her that, the pretty “boy” then! Haha! We like to annoy each other nowadays and also gang up on Mr Lame!

It’s his birthday today by the way~ Took the chance to revenge and drive him crazy even though we would be happier if we get to do cardio-box on his face…HAHAHA.

Once he reached I was like, “*stare at his face* Wah wah wah! 1 more wrinkle liao!
Love the speechless face I get whenever he got owned by me *evil laughter*

Probably that’s why he kept asking me to demo the combos for the beginners as well as the regulars! Zzzz. It’s really a waste of time asking me to demo because it usually takes me quite some time to remember the whole combo -.- Sheesh~

Sounds familar~
(via leilockheart.tumblr)


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