Botanic Garden! (:

Woke up earlier than usual because we had another site recce in Queensway area~
Mad suay with cab and I ended up reaching 30 minutes late!

First, wrong pick-up location! Nevermind, lao niang walk over! Next, told you the location and you gave me the ultimate “HUH?!” face, with your jaws literally dropped!

Fine. I gave you the direction – Lornie Road > Adam Road > Farrer Road > Stirling Road, but you still chose to stop and flip through your street directory! Is it that hard to comprehend my words?!?! Or does the damn street directory speaks to you better?!

I don’t even know why I ended up in Bishan after much detouring! Did I mention Bishan in any part of the directions that I gave?! But nevermind, I just wanna get to my location!

Then when I was finally reaching, “Sorry…I missed the turn just now. I’ll make a U-turn in front…
Seriously getting on my nerves!!!!!!!!!! I let out a big sigh on purpose and my face turned super black! That’s when he finally sensed my impatience and anger and said that he will deduct from the fare…Zzzzz!

So after reaching for about 15 minutes, boss came to fetch us x.x
Well it’s my fault, I was 30 minutes late after all…sigh!

Holland Village for super early lunch before heading back to office~
Received a pretty invitation card!

Time passed real slowwwww when you have early lunch~
But that also gave me enough time to finish my work (:

Botanic Garden after work and I’m still trying to recall if I’ve actually been there before! Looks so unfamiliar and yet I have this vague memory that I went there for photo shoot before…hmmmmm.

Anyhow, it’s such a pretty place! ❤
The symphony area~

Long HTHT and … I don’t know what to say. I really don’t. All I can feel is mad guilty.
Serangoon Gardens for a drink and because I wanna avoid the smokers, we chose indoor and it feels more like a cafe than a bar =/

But I’m going alcohol-free anyway!
Partly because I really don’t wanna spend so much of other people’s money… I know I’ll get killed if I were to say this out =/

The lychee ice-blended was mad refreshing anyway! (:

POTENT potions that caused someone to get damn high! Hahaha!

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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