What exactly is marriage for?

Didn’t really have a good sleep because I kept waking up in the middle of the night; scenes of the previous night kept recurring in my mind…sigh~ And it doesn’t help that I was woken up by someone’s inconsiderately loud phone conversation in the morning! Argh!

Blogged and then headed to J8 in hope to get movie tickets first, but who knows GV doesn’t do cross-selling, unlike Cathay which we can like buy Cineleisure tickets from AMK and so on…Zzzz. But it wasn’t a wasted trip after all because I met up with Zee and his brother after soooooo long…hehe.

Had not met Zee for like 2 months plus and it seems like gym is doing him good~ His face definitely looks smaller now even though his forehead is still as high…LOL. Likewise, I had not met Wei Sheng ever since he went into army! POP in 3 weeks; time passes real fast~

Despite the change in sizes, both of them still talk the exact same way -.- I seriously don’t know if that’s good or bad! Haha! And Zee still can’t stop boasting to me about his gym stuff, which I’ve said IDGAFZzzzz.

Somehow they insisted that I’m meeting Lyn after that, or the little girl, as Zee calls her… He even asked me to introduce her to Wei Sheng, until I revealed that she’s 20…hahaha! In the first place, why would I 送 my dearest girlfriend 入虎口?! -____-|||

Anyhow, the piggo brothers went home while I went ahead with my night plans~
Explored this new dining place – The Foundry! (:

Image from The Foundry Facebook page

It’s an open air concept which is a little like Timbre~
Love going to new places!

Especially when the food is good too! (:
Some naan and curry to start off with~ Love the taste of the curry and all the veggie inside!

And the pizza is really good because of the sauce too!

It looks like a small meal especially to guys maybe, but we ended up feeling so full after “coaxing” each other to finish the food! Hahaha! But I was still left with a big challenge – my huge glass of drink! x.x

Spent like 2 hours there to finish our food and chat over marriage..

What exactly is marriage for? So that you can officially start a family with your partner? If this is it, this is also why I still think I won’t get married if I’m not intending to have any kids.

But if it is to use this piece of paper as a form of security, it just makes love seems so shallow~
If your partner was to cheat, he/she will, with or without the paper.

I know it’s more beneficial for the females because of the alimony, but I think I’ll be more upset about the fact that I’ve lost someone that I truly love, than the monetary part… UNLESS I don’t truly love him.

And in case you’re wondering why I’m being so negative about marriage when I’m not even married yet, it’s because I’ve lost faith after seeing so much, even now. How ironic.

Anyway, since the tickets for earlier shows were already selling like hotcakes, we decided to catch the 11 plus show. Off to Great World City to get our tickets first before roaming around, waiting for the movie to start~

Yup. There’s no mistake in the picture-uploading process~ I watched Johnny English for the second time! Haha! But like jokes, the second time is always not as funny and in fact, some parts became rather lame =/

But like I always say, I usually care more about the companion and not so much of the activity itself…hehe.

(via 10mileslefttogo.tumblr)


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