Bad attitude morning again~ But at least it wasn’t towards colleagues this time round and I refused to let myself get affected at work again (:

Boss and Reiko dabao-ed lunch for us and it looks so yummy! Has got my favourite broccoli some more xD

Impromptu meetup~! Dinner at Old Airport Road and as much as I was craving for Lao Ban Beancurd again, the queue was still pretty long, though 3/4 of the previous time =/

Opted for another stall – 51 Soya Beaninstead because I read their review recently and I was curious about their durian beancurd since I saw it during the previous visit! Haha!

Credit: inSing.com

Me: Hmmmm…this durian beancurd… I don’t know how to describe it… You try it for yourself…

D: *tries a little* Hmmm…it tastes like those pudding lor~ Like mango pudding kind…

Me: Oh yah! Pudding! Like pudding!!!

D: So… You were thinking for so long just to figure this out … ??? -_____-|||

Live band and some awesome drinks at the cozy place! (:

Just what I needed~


(via leilockheart.tumblr)


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