Impromptu Mini Date!

Supposed to sing K with Zee and Raye like finallyyyyyyyy but it got cancelled 2 hours before meeting due to no room -.- In the first place the slow-pork could only make it at 9pm, still dare to fix it on tonight?! Tsk tsk.

Since I promised Lyn that we would eat this Popeyes promotion together when she sent me the coupon, but my weekend is pretty packed, I decided to seek this chance to ask her on an impromptu mini date! Hehe.

Oh you guys can actually print this coupon to redeem it too! But it’s with any combo purchased and valid till this Sunday! Oops~

Since Joan (her Joan) is going over to her house, she gotta be home by 10pm~ But she was so cute, insisted that we walk around a little more because it’s such a short date! Hahaha!

And as usual, we ended up at her usual hangout -_____-|||
She just can’t leave the place without trying her luck each time….tsk tsk! But who knows, she actually caught this Melody with her very first credit!!!

We were both shocked beyond words and her jaws literally dropped as we watched the toy “tripped” into the hole! We thought it’s not going in anymore but it kinda “tripped” and fell into the hole!!!!

Luckily this is for Joan because she loves My Melody! Haha! I kept emphasising that she better not kiap anything for me anymore because I really have no space for them! But she still wasted quite a number of credits trying to get a Rilakkuma plush for me x.x

Really don’t know to strangle this girl for spending her money this way or to love her for doting on me so much…tsk tsk!

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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