3 outings in a day!

Outing #1 – K-session with Zee & army mates!
I managed to squeeze this in just before my next outing because I had pangseh-ed Rave way too many times and he’s still counting! Haha!

And in between us were these gays -____-|||
Actually there is only one, cause poor Ben was trying so hard to avoid Zee’s touchy acts! As usual~

Managed to stay for an hour plus and sang a few songs before rushing off!
Outing #2: Movie with darlings!

Met Yinning in City Hall first and the last time I met her was actually the last time I met the rest! I mean we used to meet so often before she went US~ But I have been busy these days and she has been busy being lazy too…LOL.

Met Nadine and Xiao Qian in Marina Square and we settled on our movie 15 minutes before its show time! Haha! Wanted to watch A Little Bit of Heaven but the timing wasn’t right, so Abduction that is~

Our initial WhatsApp conversation~

But to my disappointment, I realised the “hot guy” is that Twilight guy who I hate! -___-|||
I seriously can’t stand him stripping all the time like trying so hard to show off his body while giving his signature wolf-like look! Zzzzzz!

As expected, the whole show is about Taylor Lautner and his wolf face -.- There’s a reason why review says the movie lacks substance, it’s because anything with him in it is always about his body and nothing else~

But Nadine was soooo disappointed because he did not really strip as much as compared to Twilight…hahaha! She was like, “So disappointing! I paid to watch him strip leh!” ROFL!

Since we had lots of junk food during the movie and were not hungry for dinner yet, we decided to walk over to Bugis instead! It’s quite a good idea to escape from City Hall anyway, cause the whole Singapore was there for F1 -.-“

Had MOS Burger because we couldn’t decide what to eat and somehow MOS is always what we used to have together! Haha! Tom Palette for ice-cream after that because Xiao Qian has been craving for it! xD

She ordered a large one on her own while I shared this small Salted Caramel and Oreo Cheesecake with Nadine~ But the ice-cream tasted really weird this time round probably because it wasn’t mixed well! D:


PPGs ❤

Couldn’t join them for Martinis and girls’ talk because I wanted to make full use of my Saturday and rushed off for the third and last outing of the day! Had my share of Martini but at Wala Wala~! Hehe.


First time trying Chocolate Martini!

Finished our drinks and explored level 2 for the first time! I know I’ve mentioned this before but I still wanna complain that the previous time our entries were rejected because we were still below 20!!! -.-“

Listened to the live band performance and the female vocalist really left me in awe! I was like, “Wow~“, and it just came out naturally from my mouth because I was seriously impressed!

Decided to order a second round of drinks only to realise that it’s the end of the live band performance right after we placed our order -_____- Shouldn’t have wasted the money…tsk.

But Butterscotch makes me happyyyyyy no matter what ((:

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


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