2 Birthdays in a day!

Every 25th September I will face this dilemma because I have 2 important birthdays on this day! One is Limin’s and the other is none other than my dear buddy~

Last year I missed Limin’s and this year I decided to split myself into half! I mean split my day into half! Day for Soon Song and night for Limin…hehe.

Cabbed down to City Square Mall to meet them because I couldn’t join them for dinner and I just die die have to join them for lunch at least~ Settled in Saizeriya shortly after (:

Queena: I feel like ordering soup…

Me: Oh 1 of the soup is nice! That time we ordered which one ah?

Soon Song: I think Clam Chowder or Cream of Mushroom… Let’s order both!

And when the soup came…

Soon Song: Ohhhh! It’s the Cream of Mushroom that is nice!

Me: Yah yah yah!

Both of us: Okay! We’ll drink the Cream of Mushroom and you two (Queena & TCC) drink that one!

LOL. Because Cream of Mushroom was placed in front of us while the supposed Clam Chowder, which turned out to be Minestrone due to their mistake (and it taste horrible), was in front of TCC and Queena xD

Escargots! But the guys felt that the standard for this outlet is incomparable with Liang Court‘s, especially Soon Song’s pasta, which tasted pretty bad =/


With my butch buddy!
He seriously needs a haircut -.- He is back to his poly days butch-look!

Off to Marina Square (again!) to meet the rest for bowling~! And the guys were being Jubeat freaks again -.- On iPhone this time round…Zzzzz.

I was about to say that this is the first time our whole Clique played bowling together! But then I realised it’s not full attendance again because Kai wasn’t around x.x

Well at least it’s the first time Queena played with us! Haha! Usually she doesn’t wanna play and she wanted to back out initially, but I made it compulsory for everyone to play since it’s the 老大’s birthday! Hehe.

It turned out that Queena is pretty good and she even won Gui a few times! xD

As for me, I’m always there just for Soon Song’s pose…LOL! Just kidding!

Lowest as usual!
And the score always goes worse and worse…hahaha!

Played 3 games and it was still too early for their dinner~
So they  jumped on the bandwagon and started playing this fishing game -_____-|||

I left after a while so that I have ample time to travel down for the second birthday celebration of the day! Pretty exhausted though =/

The girls actually met up half an hour earlier to walk around and decide on where to dine. But as usual, they couldn’t decide and 5 minutes upon reaching, I decided on Men-Ichi for them…LOL.

With the birthday girl! 😀

Then after the meal, as pre-discussed before Limin reached, I was responsible for getting the cake~ Got a mini but pretty one from the bakery beside and got the restaurant staff to bring it in! Hehe.


Happy Birthday, Limin! ❤

Very focused in making her wish~

And since she didn’t wanna get started with the cake, we decided to take turns to feed her! xD

With my girls!

Did a little shopping after that with Chii Hian being the tour guide because she’s so familiar with NEX by now…hehe. Shopped till all the shops started closing and decided to end the day off with some group photos!

Love this! 😀 😀 😀

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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