NUS Day!

Woke up early for breakfast again even though I always end up eating things like kaya toast, or this time round, pancake…hehe.

And guess what boss bought for us when he came back from meeting? Pancake! –faint!– So this vegetarian fish became my second pancake of the day x.x

But isn’t it sweet that he always thinks of us even when he’s outside? And his wife is as sweet too! Even bought gifts for Wilson and I during her Korea trip!

I got 2 eggs from her! xD

Nah it’s actually facial soap from Holika Holika..hehe! So cute~!

Travelled down to NUS after work and the whole journey from east to west is such an agony~ Waited goddamn longgggggg for the bus to come too! Zzzzz.

By the time I reached it was close to 9pm x.x
Guess there’s really no free lunch dinner in this world~ Cause we were actually there to help Yinning use up her meal credits! Haha!

Xiao Qian’s ghostly hand~~~

Each of us ordered from different stalls so that we can get to try all of them~ But as forewarned, the food weren’t exactly tasty =/

Yinning guided us on a hostel-tour after that and we visited her room, followed by the guys’ apartment (:
Had not met Marvin Kang since January and it’s really good to see everyone again!!!

Chilled at Starbucks and that’s when the girls’ talk interrogation continues -.- They actually went through my tweets 1 by 1! Zzzzz! This is when I dread meetups =/

Luckily Kang and Ee Wei saved me when they dropped by to join us! Hahaha! Had not met Ee Wei for an even longer time!!!

Miss their “intellectual conversations” even though it can feel like you’re constantly in a debate…hahaha!

Me: Are Alvin and Genim still eating ice-cream?

Marvin: Yah… Why does it sound like you’re using “eating ice-cream” as an euphemism?

Me: No?! They are really eating ice-cream what!

Ee Wei: *lost* What ice-cream???

Marvin: They bought this Ben & Jerry’s (some flavour) ice-cream and Alvin went down to eat with her…

Ee Wei: Ohhh! I like that flavour!!!!!!

Me: Do you wanna join them???

LOL. The whole conversation started to sound damn wrong, thanks to Kang! Hahaha!

Well, of course the girls did not let me off that easily. Despite me having to work the next day, I was kidnapped till past midnight to finish up the interrogation after the guys left x.x

But all I can say is my answers were rather disappointing…haha! So don’t bother starting another one, please.

Chong then came down to say Hi as well and this trip is really kinda worthwhile for me because I not only get to meet Yinning, but everyone else! Haha!

I really miss them! As much as I miss how things used to be (:

(via loveyourquotes.tumblr)


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