It's just absurd.

Bad start of the day…
Seriously wasted!!! Not forgetting the mess that I gotta clean up…Zzzzz.

Super hectic day till we only had lunch at like 5 plus =/
– Reviewed clip to send to client
– Launched temporary website
– Prepare brochures for event
NEX for super late lunch (Mad hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyy~)
– Things cropped up, back to office!
– Printed the brochures in Diner Dash mode
– Finally! Reached the event 30 minutes before it closed! Phew~

Hope it’s not a wasted trip after all! Though I felt really useless…………
I wish I am as fluent and confident linguistically.

Well anyway, rushed down to IMM after that and although the shops started closing an hour after I reached, it was still a good time spent! West to east this time round and it was Pasir Ris Park again (:

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)

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