Anyhow date!

I thought I would be spending this Sunday resting at home and probably watching a good film. I had even picked which DVD I wanna watch! Haha!

But in the end I decided to make full use of my weekend and asked Lyn out on an impromptu date again! Hehe. Actually it’s more of her accompanying me to run errands~

Chinatown first to get my shoes fixed! Now I feel like I have 2 new pair of shoes! Haha! Self-deceiving xD

I know it’s rather stupid to go all the way to Chinatown when cobblers are everywhere. But precisely, it’s everywhere that when you try to recall, you can’t really think of where you’ve last seen one -.-“

But anyhow, of course I’m not so mean to make the little girl come all the way just for this! Bought her my favourite egg tart to try and also explored the cafes that I wanna go! Hehe.

Actually, where I have been really wanting to patronise is K-Ki (ケーキ)! But they have very limited seats there and it was already full house x.x

So we headed to another cafe – Shot, which I remember reading about in Vivianism’s blog and I walked past a few times when I was still working in Chinatown back then~

I like the ambience of this place! It’s like the kind of place where you can spend your Sunday afternoon at with a good book! (:

Since the 2 of us are always fighting over who should pay, I made it clear that I’m the one who wanna try this cafe, so I should pay 😛

Pretty lava cake! It’s warm and niceeeeeeee~! Reminds me of the desserts at 2am!


Apple cinnamon muffin!

Artistic candid shot! xD

Walked round and round at Chinatown market while waiting for the cobbler to finish fixing my shoes -.- And we got lost because all the shops look the same! LOL.

Saw a few shops selling bedsheets and I was telling Lyn that what if she sees the Mickey bedsheets that she bought from Robinsons sales selling at a cheaper price…

And who knows we really did!!! LOL!!! Blame it on my 乌鸦嘴!I think her loss is about 15 bucks or more? So moral of the story: Cheapo markets are still the best! xD

Collected my shoes and headed down to Bugis because I have promised her to bring her to Tom Palette for ice-cream again since she wants to (:

But we ended up buying 我爱台妹 mushrooms (her recommendation!) and then heading to V8 Cafe for fine dining! Okay luh…it’s just a wine cabinet =/

You don’t know how hard it was to convince her to eat dinner because she lovessssss to follow me whenever I skip dinner or have light dinner even though she is extremely hungry and is a big eater! -____-|||

So I ordered this omelette after she agreed to help me eat the fries because I know I can’t finish all these…Zzzz.

But who knows her spaghetti came in a really big portion and she couldn’t help me eat in the end x.x

She didn’t tell me my hair is damn messy T.T

As expected, she dragged me to the arcade in Bugis Junction, which I don’t mind as long as she keeps her promise of not kiap-ing anymore things for me! –faint!

She tried a few games and was disappointed having to leave the place empty-handed…haha! It’s like she die die has to kiap something home each time!!!!

Wandered around aimlessly again and like the previous time, we didn’t know where to go! So I was finally convinced to let her go to the Iluma‘s arcade, with the same promise made of course! -.-“

She tried a few games again and was disappointed once again~ We were about to leave when I stopped to watch this weird uncle desperately wanting to kiap this bear…

So Lyn took the chance to try her luck again and ta-duh! She finally brought something home -________-|||

终于舍得回家了!Tsk tsk tsk!

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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