I Don't Know How She Does It~

Suddenly cannot recall what happened on this day…hmmmmm.
Oh I think it was quite a free day at work after I cleared my 3 clips amendments and was waiting for the next new clip~

Off to J8 after work to meet Joanjoan! 😀 Really seldom get to meet her now as compared to the weekly basis! Catch up over dinner at the new restaurant – Ambush!

白糖糕 ❤

The timing was just nice and we headed for our movie – I Don’t Know How She Does It after that (:

I think it’s a pretty nice movie and quite touching at the end too! Suitable for married couples because it really depicts the lives of most families and it’s really important to know how to juggle between your family and work~

It also touches a little on how to maintain a marriage in the midst of all these busy schedules and so on… As much as I like Jack for being such a sweet gentleman, paying attention to Kate’s words and bringing her for bowling because she randomly mentioned about it once, I admire Kate’s fidelity towards her husband (:

I remember her telling Jack something like, “One day you will find someone who means as much to you as Richard is to me, and that’s where I belong right now…” And then to her husband she said, “Me without that job isn’t me. But also me without you and Ben and Emily is … nothing.

I don’t know how many marriages can have such a strong bond, but this is just sweet.

(via yanilavigne.net)

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