Birth of Isaac!

Had a bad dream last night of me planning to go Hong Kong together with Joanjoan and we missed the flight! Our flight was 1pm and Joanjoan insisted that we can just reach at 1pm then, which I objected many times because I’m always damn paranoid about last minute things =/

In the end we really couldn’t get a cab and it was past 1pm! So I got really really upset and because we were taking budget airline, there’s no way to change the flight date and we just had to forfeit the whole trip…LOL.

Joanjoan was rather okay about it somehow, as in not as upset as I was, and I kept complaining that we should have reached earlier and so on. So we kinda started quarreling!

Me: I told you we should have gone to the airport earlier!!!

Joanjoan: There’s no point getting upset now… We can plan another one~

Me: Why does it sound like you’re not really sad about it??? I don’t think I’ll be going soon… I mean I just feel that I’ve just wasted $400+ and I need to save now.

Joanjoan: It’s not that I’m not sad about it okay! I just don’t keep putting friends down like this! I know it’s my fault, but why do you have to keep saying things to make me feel bad?!

And when I woke up, I realised I’m such a bad friend… Cause in reality, I could have sounded like this too =/
Anyhow, enough of nonsensical dream though I do wish that we can go on a trip together soon! Hehe.

Bento for lunch again! 😀

Received the news in the afternoon that my Sis is admitting to the hospital and will likely be giving birth soon! Had this urge to rush down to hospital immediately but luckily I did not, because my Sis was still at home dolling herself up before going to hospital -_______-||| So like me!

But now I know that everything on Channel 8 drama is just exaggerating! I thought usually the pregnant lady will be in such pain that she can’t even walk to the phone in time to call her husband or the ambulance, but the fact is, she will still be able to take a nice shower and put on some makeup before that! LOL.

So I was waiting for updates from Victor the whole day and it was quite an uneasy feeling! Like I couldn’t really concentrate on my work because half of me is already in the hospital! But since the doctor said she might only be giving birth at night, I was a little more calm…hehe.

Then at around 5pm, I saw an update on Victor’s Facebook saying that the doctor has broken the water bag! Though I don’t really know what exactly that means, Channel 8 drama says that when the water bag breaks, it’s about time to give birth! LOL!

Checked with experienced people and they all said that it’s time soon, so the kan chiong spider me rushed down to the hospital upon getting the permission from my uber nice boss who even called to say, “Congratulations!” because he was driving and couldn’t reply my SMS! Haha!

Oh I even told the receptionist at the hospital, “I think my Sis is giving birth right now or has just given birth” but the fact is she had not! LOL! I happened to bump into Victor, who had just finished his dinner and got to know that my Sis is still 3/10 of the process (given the opening) =/

Both of them kept chasing me home because it might be a long wait, but I have been saying how much I wanna be the first few to witness it! I really really wish I could go in and give my Sis full moral support when she’s giving birth and share the joy with her the moment the baby is born!

Of course only the spouse is allowed to do so x.x
In fact I even had to sneak in to see my Sis while she was still waiting! The staff caught me walking in but I quickly went into the ward and hid behind the curtains! LOL! I just had to see my Sis to make sure she’s okay!!!

Chatted with her for a while and she seemed fine; finally relieved~
So I went to Velocity for some comforting dessert and drinks (:

Then just when I left, I was informed that my Sis is going into the delivering suite! –faint!
I didn’t expect the remaining 7/10 of the process to speed up so fast!

Waited for more updates nevertheless because it could still be a couple of hours more, I mean all the “PUSH!!!” process… But I felt real guilty that I am enjoying my dessert while my Sis is hard at work! x.x

Kept refreshing Victor’s Facebook for updates because he might have forgotten to inform me and so on and finally at around 10 plus…

Woohoo~! Rushed back to the hospital which didn’t take too long and my brother was there too! Waited a while for them to clean up and settle down before we finally get to meet the great Mummy and the precious being!!! He’s sooooo tiny that even Victor didn’t dare to carry him! LOL!

I’m glad I did not start tearing (which I could have!) because everyone would be like, “WTH?!?! The mum is not even crying and the aunt is crying???” LOL! And it’s just gonna be so drama! But I was seriously touched that my usually-timid Sis has done it!!!

More importantly, there’s just this indescribable feeling of seeing my Sis holding her baby, officially a real mother now… I’ve always been saying she’s like a second mum to me, given how she took care of me when I was a child (though not voluntarily…LOL), but she’s a real mother to a child of her own now ((((:

I believe she’ll be a good one and Isaac, you will be a blessed kid! ❤

Happy Birthday, my dearest nephew! 😀



3 thoughts on “Birth of Isaac!

    • Hahaha! I think your Sis’s almond biscuits made me dream of this! xD
      But your never-regret attitude was really same in this dream! LOL.

      Yes yes!!! I wanna go BKK!!! Let’s GO! But we need a guide or not? x.x

      • hahaha! waste $400+ will 心痛.
        if have then good haha..but u are going holiday soon gt so much money for holiday ar =x haha!

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