What's Your Number?

Attended some ceremony with Ah Lyn before heading down to Causeway Point to meet Tiff for our movie date – What’s Your Number? (:

Oh it was kinda awkward when I was buying the tickets…

Staff: So what movie are you buying for?

Me: Errrrrrr…. *mind blank for a moment* Oh What’s Your Number?

And it felt like I was asking for his number -.-“

Quite an enjoyable movie anyway~ I hope Lyn understood all the lewd jokes  though =/
It’s after all a M18 film and she’s forever 13 in my eyes…hahahaha!

For a moment I was even like, “Shit! M18! Lyn cannot watch!
Then I realised oh yah…she’s already 20…LOL! (I know it’s unbelievable xD )

Vegetarian day and I think I can never be a permanent herbivore! Finding vegetarian food is already tough enough, let alone having to eat it while Tiff was eating yummilicious teppanyaki in front of us x.x
Lyn almost gave up on the “challenge” even though she was the one who kept reminding me about it at first! Hahahaha!

Accompanied Tiff to shop for her yet-to-be-found present again and Ah Lyn was pouting her way through, probably because she’s not a shopping kind of person and I prohibited her from going to the arcade too -.- This habit of going home with a toy each day gotta stop I guess?!

I think if I have a younger sister, I will be real strict on her =/
And frugality is probably one value that I will highlight!

(via picsandquotes.com)


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