Chienny's Belated! (:

Celebrated Chienny’s super belated birthday after almost 2 months! Thank goodness I had a ride to Thomson Plaza because I was caught up with a meeting and my office is seriously inaccessible to anywhere -.-“

Thankful to have such enthuchauffeur“! Hahaha! Although I made him wait for like 25 minutes?! x.x

Waited for Joanjoan to come while we decide what to eat~
Settled in Han’s eventually! (:

The must-have in Han’s – Peach tarts! ❤

Ordered a pretty cake for Chienny as well but without candles, if not she gonna blush till her ears again…hahahaha! She hates this kind of celebration, I think?

The shops in Thomson Plaza close really early! Like 9pm! x.x
I mean there weren’t much to shop there in the first place luh~

So we just walked around a little and finally passed Chienny her birthday angbao! Joke of the day:

Me: Eh! I forgot to bring angbao leh!

Joanjoan: I have~ Even has got “Happy Birthday” on it! *proud*

-Passes angbao to me-

Joanjoan: You see… So nice~

Me: *LOL!* Very nice meh?!?!?!

-Passes angbao to Chienny-

Me: This is your present!

Chienny: Where did you get such ugly angbao from???


Headed home early since there was nothing else to shop~
Was walking on the pavement between the 2 roads and realised that’s exactly how I feel right now…..



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