Sentosa Spooktacular!

Doesn’t it make you feel good when your boss comes back from a meeting and thank you for the work that you’ve done because the client likes it very much? It’s like you’re being appreciated for the hard work, and it was indeed quite a tedious project (:

Left for a meeting in the late afternoon at Shangri-La hotel! It’s my first time there and I think it’s the hotel which my parents got married~ Well anyway, it’s such a pretty and grand place!

Lots of meetings lately and it’s just hard to confirm a timing with your friends regarding the meetup after work… It so happened that Lyn booked me 1 week ago without wanting to tell me what is it for, and then finally revealed that it’s for a Halloween event in Sentosa!

Firstly, the event starts at 7pm and I usually end work at 7 or later -.-“
Secondly, after experiencing Night Safari‘s Halloween event 2 years ago, I wasn’t intending to go for any Halloween-related stuff anymore because I remember being rather traumatised!

Nonetheless, I agreed to go because she had already bought the tickets D:
In fact I even asked Joanjoan along because she has extra ticket and since this is the preview for staff, it was only 10 bucks instead of the actual $69.90 (which I think is ridiculous price).

Met up with the girls and there was a total of 6 of us! Joanjoan, Tiff, Lyn, Lyn’s sister, Lyn’s bestie (another Joan) plus me! Hehe. I like having my different group of friends meeting each other because that will make them have more friends! But at the same time, I’m always scared that I will neglect any party =/

Anyhow, there a total of 6 different locations aka “haunted houses” to explore and we only managed to cover 4 cause yours truly was stuck in the meeting till 7 plus…

Visited The Twisted Fantasy at Merlion first and the queue was already pretty long D:
Spent like 30 minutes plus queueing~

With Jojo Monster!

I was a little scared but trying very hard to stay calm..hahaha! In the end I fake-screamed once we went in and all the way through like I was on some roller coaster ride! LOL!

I think that’s the best way to conceal your fear?! Haha! It’s like even if they managed to scare you at a point, all they hear is the fake scream! But because of my screaming, Joanjoan was busy laughing instead of getting scared too! ROFL!

In fact we were all laughing through and the whole trail just wasn’t as scary as we had expected! I think as long as there’s no one grabbing my leg from below or something then I guess it’s still okay~~~

Attempted to take a photo with the black ghost outside but he was too black to be seen! LOL!

The queue at Images Of Singapore (IOS) was damn long and we decided to head to Rumah Gila at Cable Car Museum first. From the word Gila, you can tell that it’s about asylum “with souls that scream really loud“, as warned by Lyn~

Spent about close to an hour to queue this time round =/
Brought the devil headband from the Halloween 3 years back but none of us wanna wear it…hahaha!

Cam-whore time! xD

The 6 of us! 😀

With Ah Lyn~~~

She was hoping that Joanjoan would talk more but Joanjoan was too busy getting frustrated with the heat! Hahaha! I was also feeling damn hot and HUNGRY! x.x

Oh we were about to go in when we heard this scary laughter from 1 of the “lunatic souls” inside and I decided to mimic her… Then everyone turned to look at me and the girls started laughing real hard at what I had just done!

I was like, “Audition mah! Aren’t we here for audition?!?!” ROFL!
Totally turned lunatics outside the “asylum“!

But I think Rumah Gila is the most scary one amongst the 4 that we visited because scary people are scary! They were screaming and chasing us with “weapons“, blocking our way and so on -.- Quite annoying actually, but I continued my fake-scream technique! LOL!

Then at the end of the trail, I turned back to 1 of the lunatics who kept pestering me and did a sudden shriek right into his face! ROFL! There, that’s him in the picture! xD

Even though it was already 30 minutes before 11pm (the closing time), we tried our luck and queued for Legendary Courts of Hell at IOS because we thought that would be the most scary one~ It already looked creepy from outside! And there was funeral music playing there =/

Where I used to work! Everything still looks more or less the same after 5 years (:

Really miss the times here!!!!!! Can never forget all the fun I had with the crazy people on this island!

Oh we were queuing outside IOS and there was this disfigured “ghost” wandering around~ Lyn happened to be busy talking when the ghost was right behind her…

So by the time I warned her about it, she turned her head back and was face-to-face with the “ghost“! And it took her like 1 second before she literally jumped away from him! LOL!!! Epic moment of the night! xD

With the disfigured ghost! But oops! He’s hidden in the dark~~~

Another ghost!!!
Carrying Canon bag some more! ROFL!

Oh did I mention that the wax museum in IOS is already quite creepy on its own because of all the scary-looking wax figurines inside? That’s also why we were expecting the trail to be the most scary one! Furthermore it’s also 1 of the longest trails~

We were invited to a “funeral” first before entering the trail and I kept calming myself that “Chinese ghosts are very calm one! They usually just float around…” LOL. And it turned out that they were indeed quite calm as compared to the previous 2 trails! xD

In addition to that, there were 12 of us this time because Lyn’s colleagues managed to join us as well. So Joanjoan and I were in the middle and we were more “protected” in the sense that the people in front will warn us if there are “things” in front…hahaha!

I was tired of screaming this time round and we were laughing our way through again! Then there was this ghost who popped out from the curtain and suddenly collapsed on the ground! Totally LOL-ed like crazy that ghost can faint! LMAO!

The closing time got extended and we managed to visit one last trail – Deadly Lesson at Butterfly Park! It’s a haunted school and the students were behaving a bit like the ones in the asylum =/

But I guess some of them were also kinda tired from acting over and over again and since they were “knocking off soon“, they were less energetic to disturb us, which is a good thing to me! Haha! I don’t wanna have nightmare you know?!

So ended our Halloween night and luckily there were still monorail and train back home!
Mad tired, thirsty and hungryyyyyyyyyyy by then x.x

But it was still quite a fun Friday night!
Great screaming experience and laughed sooooo much too! xD



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