Bee Mission! (:

An impromptu trip to JB to carry out the mission of getting my 4th bee ring! Okay actually it’s more of to convince that there’s no more of it because the previous time I went, the staff said there won’t be anymore stock =/

But who knows I came back with the 4th and even 5th bee ring!!!
1 got “kidnapped” x.x

Even got bee candy! xD

Only managed to cover City Square and I was trying hard not to spend too much money! This is the only time I’m glad that I did not come back with much loots! Hehe.

Explored Rail Mall and I didn’t know such place exist except for reading from Winnie’s blog before~ The bars were crowded with crazy football fans gathering in front of the TV screens -.- Seriously don’t get football…

Witnessed something that I never thought I would again nor ever want to again… Sigh! Failed to hold back my tears once again…Zzzz! I was doing pretty well!

Anyhow, was at the swing when this huge dog suddenly charged over and I blurted out, “Oh fuck! Go away!” It just came out naturally and I hope the owner didn’t hear it :S

She kept apologising about it though, cause I look rather traumatised by it! Indeed! That’s the thing about dogs; you never know when they are going to charge over or even attack you! I don’t hate them by the way, I’m just “wary of them“~

Felt kinda bad in the end because the owner was mad at the dog and dragged him/her home after a few minutes =/
It’s like a kid being grounded~

(via iareangeline.tumblr)


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