Impromptu meeting again and almost had to cancel my date because we only started in the evening. Oh I didn’t know there’s such a quiet and nice Coffee Club in Holland Village! (:

Meeting didn’t last too long and I managed to go ahead with my night plan even though the venue has been changed to suit my convenience =/

Settled in OverTime instead of Wala this time round and indulged in some good music and drinks! The vocalist is real good, so was the special guest and the one singing beside me!

My Illusion~

Stayed till the last song and despite being kinda tired after a long day of computer-staring plus meeting, it was a good time spent (:

Just that I was feeling kinda uncomfortable with these bug bites on my legs! Itched like crazy and at first I thought it’s just mosquito bites, but look kinda serious now! x.x

Nonetheless, I’m well taken care of, so don’t worry (:

(via happythings.tumblr)


2 thoughts on “OverTime~

  1. I think the bug bites are very bad! Does Zam-Buk really works? If not you better see a doctor and get the medicated cream! It helps alot!

    • Yah it was damn bad luh! But Zam-buk really helps a lot! Now it’s not swollen or as obvious anymore… Look like light bruises though =/
      I guess it will recover soon after I spam more Zam-buk! Haha! Thanks by the way! ❤

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