My awesome lunch~

Boss dabao-ed lunch for us again and there was no bento this time round D:
So I opted for this omelette which actually costs 3 bucks *gasp!* But it has some ikan bilis in it, so not just the normal kind of omelette~

Luckily I didn’t have to spend on other “main course” because my main course is my instant porridge! Haha! Boss even topped it up with a box of kimchi! Awesome combination!

Went for training 1 day earlier because Rave is flying off the next day and the 三八 was bugging me to accompany him -.- He’s damn 三八 seriously, kept finding ways to annoy me!

Rave: *wearing Kelvin’s 16.oz gloves*

Me: Omg this is really big can?!

Rave: Yah! Bigger than your face leh!

Me: -______-“

Rave: You should be happy! *evil grin*

Me: *kick!*

Seriously annoying…Zzzzz. And he came over to disturb me again during break time~ Caught him goggling at girls (again)! Hahaha!

Not gonna care about stupid Facebook comments and still gonna post this photo up -.- It’s ironic that the comment even came from people who claim to hate rumours too…Zzzzz. Seriously?.

Anyhow, was partnering with these 2 ladies and I don’t know why people keep saying my kicks are strong… I don’t feel so leh! It’s always like 时好时坏~

Then 1 of them left halfway because her husband is injured during the training, so I was “upgraded” to partner with the 2 seniors and 1 of them is none other than the female coach x.x

The way they train, it’s like always trying to kill compete with each other~ They will just keep increasing the punches and kicks and not follow the combo =/

So I hate to suffer along~ But it’s good training though! Just that I still can’t help but feel damn stressed, and not to mention, dead as well!

(via loveyourquotes.tumblr)


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