Woke up early for 爱心早餐 again! 😀

Lunch in Nex and we settled in Soup Restaurant since boss has been craving for the samsui chicken since don’t know when! Haha!

He was so sad when it was already closed last week luh~ I loveeee the olive rice there too! It’s rare that I actually like any rice…hehe.

So we basically ordered the same thing as the previous time because every dish is just so good! (I confess that I “recycled” this picture =/ )

Grocery shopping after that to refill our cup noodle stock! xD
Saw Cla who happened to be in Nex as well and his reaction almost made me LOL!

Stocked up! Hehe!

K-session after work because I might not have the chance to sing for the next few years…haha! Very thoughtful~ *secretly touched even though I don’t mention it*

Finally get to try these lovely tarts too! Love the kiwi one the best, followed by durian (which has real durian inside!), then original and lastly chocolate! (:

Spammed lots of emo and killer songs as well because I don’t wanna keep singing back the same stuff~ Despite having to torture your throat, the feeling is actually quite shiok!

唱 K 心情好!心情没不好唱 K 也能超爽的!:D

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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