Double Date!

Was planning to go for my facial appointment that I postponed since more than 2 months ago! The thought of travelling all the way down to Marsiling is just such a turn-off can? =/

Since it’s still not too far from Sis’s in-law’s place, I decided to use that as an excuse to convince myself to go for facial and then visit my Sis~ But it turned out that she’s heading out! So quickily postponed my appointment once again! Haha!

Suddenly became damn free and I even thought I might be staying at home on this Saturday! But all of a sudden when I came out from the shower, I received 2 messages from 2 different persons asking if I’m free –faint

So after much discussion, I decided to go on a double date! Errrrr as in have 2 outings in a day but 1 in the afternoon and the other in the evening…hehe. I miss my dearest buddy (and Clique) anyway! (:

So met up with Soon Song first and despite complaining that he’s damn hungry since 12pm, we dragged for 1 and a half hour before we finally met -.- I was also damn hungry luh! But upon reaching Somerset, just when I thought I can finallyyyyyy have my first meal of the day….

Soon Song: (on the phone) Hello, where are you now ah? You’re still at Pioneer MRT ah?

Me: *eyes open wide*

Soon Song: Hmmmmm…… How long does it take to reach Somerset ah? 45 minutes to 1 hour ah…..

Me: *jaws drop*

Soon Song: Hmmmm… Okay then we wait for you lor~


So we 2 hungry ghosts just roamed around searching for “small food“, even though we were very tempted by all the other food everywhere x.x

Settled for some dim sums in the foodcourt in the end! Hoho~!

The custard bun is sooooooo good that I almost wanted to order another basket! I think it’s on par (or even better) than my favourite ones at Dim Joy! Or maybe I was just too hungry…LOL.

Roamed around a little more and Si Kai finally reached! So we went to RamenPlay~

It’s actually my first time trying RamenPlay because I had always been skeptical about their ramen standard, since it’s opened by a bakery – BreadTalkhmmmmm.

Was tempted to follow buddy and order rice because ramen is kinda boring~ But Si Kai made a comment that it’s RAMENPlay and we’re ordering RICE?! Hahahaha!

So I changed my mind to this veggie ramen and I guess I am right to have been skeptical; they are still better at making breads =/

The taste is definitely not up to Ajisen or any other Japanese ramen restaurants’ standard and Si Kai’s curry ramen was not very nice too~ Ironically, Soon Song’s stone pot rice is so much nicer! x.x

Love my buddy to the max luh! He even offered to exchange his rice with me…hahaha! But perhaps that’s because he had not tried the ramen yet…LOL.

Side dishes to share~!
One of their popular dishes – meatballs! Not bad~

The cheese rolls look nice in the picture, but not really that nice =/

Super full after dim sum + RamenPlay!
And also another big hole burnt for lunch D:

Buddy showing off his new application! I love the effect so much luh!

Had not met him since his birthday I think! Which means close to 1 month already! The same for Clique…

Walked around 313 and also paid our virgin visit to H&M! I know right, damn slow~ But the thing is I wasn’t even excited about it. Cause I visited the one in Hong Kong and I didn’t even get anything =/

Left at 5+ for my second date of the day – with Ah Lyn! The thing is it was yet another anyhow-walk date, so the girl ended up accompanying me to get this and that instead~ Well, at least we had something to do then! Hehe.

Got a pair of furry pink gloves from Daiso and I should have gotten them like longgggg ago! My hands are always the coldest when I’m freezing! Oh and I love Daiso by the way! xD

Forced her to have dinner at her favourite Just Acia (because of the free flow drinks and ice-cream -.-“) and I had like 2 cups of hot chocolate to assuage my cramps!

Ended up in Changi Airport and my kaya toast got literally snatched off by a hungry ghost while I was eating halfway! D:

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)

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