Appointments day!

So I finally finally finally went for the facial appointment, or rather, eye therapy than Germain recommended! Haha! I told myself – no more postponing this time round! xD

But before that, I dropped by to visit Sis and baby Isaac first and luckily he woke up once I reached! Hehe! Discussed about his full-month celebration and there are so much things to be done!

But of course I will help as much as I can no matter what! (:
And first thing we need is a nice photograph of him for the invitation cards! So my Sis decided to dress him up a little…haha!

This is the first smiling picture I have of him!!! He’s always secretly smiling away (even when sleeping!) but we always didn’t manage to capture it! It’s out of focus though x.x

And then he falls asleep again~~~

We were trying to wake him up to take photos but my Sis said that once he’s asleep, it’s very hard to wake him up…haha! Sleepyhead!



And he fell back to sleep in this weird position again…LOL!

Sleeping like a king! xD

Sleep also can be so cute! But I think he looks really like my brother-in-law! Haha!

Disturbing him again…hehe.
*shake hand* Play Pepsi-Cola-123 with Yiyi~

Then he finally woke up again crying for milk! I guess this will be the only time his eyes are wide open…hahaha!

*makes nanny-nanny-poo-poo face* xD

Daddy takes over to feed!

Eh stop watching TV! Isaac looks like he’s sliding off! LOL. (Vic better not read my blog! Hahaha!)

Off for my appointment and the lady actually remembers me for mixing up the appointment time the previous time! She’s quite a nice lady and I think her eye therapy is soooo comfortable that I almost fell asleep for so many times! LOL.

But I didn’t really have much confidence that it will help me much because I think mine is really the serious case and I’ve kinda 忍命 after trying so many products and etc x.x

Nonetheless, it’s really a super comfortable therapy and although it doesn’t have drastic difference on me, I think my eyes do look less puffy after that (:

Off to town for yet another appointment – IPL! The staff was damn fast and my session (upper lip + underarm) is over like within 20 minutes~ I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing…hmmmm.

Busy week ahead! But looking forward 😀

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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