Out to Kill~

Another day for audition and 1 of us was supposed to stand in and act as the wife =/
Acting is never my thing and it also doesn’t look convincing if I were to act as the wife luh! So in the end Reiko and I settled it with scissor-paper-stone and phew~! I won! LOL!

Kway teow soup for lunch!

It’s actually cup noodle againnnnnnnn luh x.x
Cause boss was out for meeting and it was too late to go to the coffeeshop~ Well, at least it’s the one without MSG!

Done with Isaac’s full-month invitation card! Now I’m left with the photo-card that is meant for giving out to guests as gift (:

Was waiting to hitch a ride to the train station and before I realised it would be better if I walk to the station myself, it was way too lateeeee~ I even contemplated about just giving it a miss since I know I’ll be damn late…

Missed 2 rounds of conditioning training x.x
But I guess that’s still better than not training at all this week, since it’s Public Holiday the next day and there won’t be any training~

Yoga in the midst of training! LOL.

It’s called the crow pose, according to Mr Ow, who is in this pose as well in his Facebook profile picture…hahaha!

Oh Mr Lame was pestering me throughout the training, in fact, throughout the day all for the hidden tiger!!! LOL. It’s actually a photo that I shared on Facebook few days ago~ Have you spotted the hidden tiger?! xD

He really pestered me the whole day via SMS -.- Even after I ignored him! Zzzzz.

Then he switched to Facebook message -______-|||

Of course I just gave him lame replies, because lame people deserve lame replies~
Then at the end of the training, I finally revealed the answer and he was pissed at his own stupidity whoever who posted that photo…LOL!

Anyhow, it wasn’t a very good training because my partner is way too tall to hold for me! =/
Her kicks were damn strong though, and I can feel my nails going to break and my arm getting bruises soon…hahaha!

Then right after she finished her 30 kicks for each leg…
Female coach: Eh Vivian! Don’t take off your pads yet… Hold for me~


(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


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