The trouble of Bee Hoon

Brought lunch from home because my mum came back too late and I was already eating my breakfast~ I was thinking, “Just nice, save money for lunch!” But it turned out to be a trouble instead…hahaha!

Boss: Let’s go for lunch now~

Me: Errrr actually I have my bee hoon, so you all can go ahead…

Boss: *disappointed tone* Oh… In that case shall we go to the coffeeshop then?

Me: Huh! It’s okay lah! You all can just go out and eat you know…

Wilson: Or you can bring your bee hoon there and eat with us?

Me: Can also…

Boss: Hmmmm…then shall we go NEX?

Reiko: Actually……. I don’t feel like going out today…

Me: Oohhhh…okayyyy. That’s final then! (Cause she’s our princess! xD )

Boss: Wow… That’s like a bomb! (LOL)

Reiko: *LOL* It’s okay yo. You guys can still go ahead…

Me: You can’t expect just the 2 of them to go right?

Reiko: Or maybe I should just go there and get some porridge…

Boss: Then why don’t we go NEX and get some porridge for you? Then you both can stay in the office….

Reiko: It’s okay, I’ll just go.

Me: Yes, we’ll all just go. Don’t have to let one bee hoon trouble us so much!


(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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