Back to routine life!

Just when I am trying to squeeze out time for my Seoul entries, I guess I need to get on with my normal daily life entries as well! (:

8 Novemeber 2011 (Tuesday)

After surviving 2 nights without any proper sleep and then 1 + 6 hours flights, I left for work 30 minutes after reaching home! It’s crazy, I know. But as much as I wanna have a good rest, I have this important shoot which I was already feeling real bad for missing more than half of it due to my own fault!

Sometimes I don’t know if I’m really a super girl or just a crazy girl. But anyhow, I’m glad that I had went and rendered as much help as I could. We are a really small team and I just don’t wanna throw everything to my colleagues you see? So when Wilson said, “Luckily you came!“, I know it’s all worthwhile (:

With one look I know it’s drawn by Reiko! Hahaha!

Went downstairs for outdoor scenes and there was this lonely Indian boy playing on his own while his mum and sis were playing badminton.

He was randomly playing with branches and his sister’s oversize slippers! Hahaha!

Then he got intrigued by our presence and decided to sit down and watch us. And because he was kinda in shot or something, Wilson actually walked up to him and said, “Hello! Sorry ah…we are actually doing some filming here…” and we all burst into laughter!!!!!!

The boy was giving this ???? face because how on earth do you expect such a 3-year old kid to understand what is filming?! LOL!!!!!!! Sometimes we really wonder what’s in Wilson’s mind! xD

Managed to finish the shoot on time but we stayed to do some cutaways which took longer than expected. Then packed up and had strudel over some sake, and finally left at around 8 plus =/

Felt the post-trip stress again~ Like so many things to settle and so many people to catch up and spend time with to make up for the past 2 weeks kind of stress. But I’ll try to take it easy! And that just means that please be patient with my Seoul entries! xD

9 November 2011 (Wednesday)

It’s a Wednesday which means it’s kickboxing day! Friends and colleagues were like asking, “You just came back from Korea yesterday and yet you’re going for training today?!?!” Haha! I don’t see why not! I mean life goes on after that and everything has to be back to routine right?

Furthermore not training for 1 week is already bad enough because I’m having all the muscle-aches on my arms and legs again….Zzzzz. Really hate missing training and I can’t believe we might have to stop training for 2 MONTHS because the place is going through renovation! Argh! In fact, we have already moved to the front now and I dislike it -.- So awkwarddddddd with people keep passing by!

Anyhow, missed almost the whole conditioning training because I was lateeeee D:
Then everyone including Mr Lame just kept asking me “Where’s your boyfriend?” “Where’s your cute boy?” “Where is Mr Rave Vivian Peh?” (Of course the last one coming from the lamest coach -.-) and so on…Zzzzzz.

Was chosen to be partner by 1 of the old birds aka the haolian auntie; honour or what? I don’t know. But I do know I have quite a few bruises now…hahahahaha!

Back home and continued packing and packing and packing~ Really so much to be done!

(via leilockheart.tumblr)


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