Kai's 22nd House Party!

Rushed out my first Seoul entry and all other overdue entries before heading out for Kai’s birthday celebration! Somehow we decided on having Korean BBQ and I joined the guys at 花开园 (Hua Kai Yuan) in Bugis (:

Once I reached, the guys were already telling me how bad the food is =/
After trying, I started complaining and complaining as well! LOL.

The thing is I don’t usually complain about food being not good; I’m not as fussy and high expectation as buddy~ But the food there is really either too salty or totally tasteless!

The beef and pork belly taste like chewing gum and the buffet area where all the raw food are even has got this chao sng (sour) smell -.- I totally did not give face at all and just exclaimed about it. I even asked 1 of them to smell it and it’s definitely not my nose that is playing tricks on me.

But anyway, since we have paid 22 bucks for it, we decided not to waste it~ It’s not just about the food but the gathering as well anyway (:

See the 2 holes? That’s the stress of working adult~
Shrine was ranting about work and he poked his chopsticks against the stove agitatedly, causing this! LOL!

Distributed some cakes that I got from Korea because I really did not buy many souvenirs or whatsoever. There just weren’t much to buy there and I shall repeat that I don’t wanna get keychains or handphone straps for people because everyone has plenty~

Opened 1 of the cakes and used it as Kai’s birthday cake! LOL. I even brought candle and lighter okay! Damn sincere xD

Acting surprised? Hahaha!


I wish that I can successfully build my future~~~

We were thinking of where to go after that and as usual, that’s always a headache because of different interest and expense issue… Called up many cheap K places but they were all fully-booked, so we finally decided to head over to Soon Song’s house for a house party~!

WJ went home to get alcohol and Winnie joined us in AMK. It’s been many many MONTHS since I last met her! =O

Anyway, we started talking about flashers and Kai was asking Winnie what would she do if she meets one…

Me: Just 踢下去 luh!

Kai: 要踢球 leh… 不要踢鸟,踢鸟没有用的。

Me: 真的 meh?! (I didn’t know that!)

Winnie: *innocent as always* 球跟鸟有什么分别???


Invaded buddy’s house because he’s home alone for the night! Then the guys started playing and accumulating “alcohol debt“~

Then WJ reached with his 700ml vodka (which turned out only less than half a bottle -.-“) and we started playing the In-Between game which already got me into deep shit in the very first round! Deep shit because WJ’s vodka tastes like shit and I had to drink a big cup of it!

Everyone was complaining about it and he even admitted that he brought it over to clear them…Zzzzz! So it became a awful-alcohol-clearance party -________-|||

Took like 20 minutes just to finish that cup! Finally cleared that bottle of awful Belvedere and who knows WJ insisted on finishing his Absolut vodka (even more disgusting!) before drinking Soon Song’s Grey Goose, which is obviously much nicer than the Belvedere and Absolut! Zzzzz!

Thank goodness we finally finished the game and awful vodka!

Someone is out to taunt again~ Poor birthday boy!

Gathered for group photo because we always forget to take during our birthday outings!


Oops! I'm not in yet!

This is probably the only good shot! (:

What’s with Shrine’s face! LOL.

The result of flash -.- How ironic.
But it’s actually quite a nice shot! (:

Continued drinking with Circle of Death and it’s not so much of a killer as compared to the previous game~But I still switched to beer in the end (even though I dislike it!) because I could foresee myself getting drunk if I continue on vodka!

Gui’s face is damn red! LOL.

Hahahahahaha! Why is my 姐妹 so cute one?! He warned me not to put this in Facebook, so this is gonna be blog-exclusive xD


My cutest 姐妹! 😀

Ended the game with the birthday boy picking the last King, but the real victim is WJ because Kai set a rule during that game that whenever he drinks, WJ gotta drink 10 times of his! Hahahaha!

So here comes the challenge!

They decided to drink in toilet because they can foresee each other puking soon. But ego is more important no matter what -.-“

And WJ decided to puke before he drinks; even lamer -_______-“
But this is like the first time we witness him puke~

Birthday boy is struggling~~~

I can’t imagine buddy’s mum seeing this photo! She is already suspecting his son to be gay!!! LOL!

Anyway, obviously buddy is already kinda gone case by this time xD

This reminds me of Kai dancing Party Rock Anthem at Lunar Bar somehow! LOL. But he wasn’t dancing, I don’t know what he was doing either!

You can see who is sober after puking and trying to get people drunk again~~~

The remaining victims~

And all of a sudden they started using pumping as forfeit again -.-“

I was helping to clear all the empty cans and mugs because the drunkards kept knocking drinks all over! And these are the amount of drinks I cleared =O

Look at that stare and you know it’s not over tonight~~~

Poor birthday boy!!!

In the end, they finished all the beer and the birthday boy got real drunk again! Déjà vu because the same thing happened for his 21st last year! Haha! Luckily Winnie was there to take care of him this time (:

Cleared up the mess and settled the birthday boy before finally leaving at 2+ am~
The poor boy puked a few times before we left =/

But anyway,

(via lifeliveson.tumblr)


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