Geylang night~!

Another activity off our to-do list – go Geylang for dew-lian (Lyn’s pronunciation for durian…LOL)! Missed the days when Gek Peng and I can conveniently meet up for a durian feast after work at Chinatown~

Anyhow, we had a hard time trying to settle on a stall and we decided to try this Durian Culture one since it even has a website -.- But all the durians look so small be it 3 for $10 or 3 for $20…Zzzz.

So we decided to just buy the 3 for 10 bucks one and it’s so little and not shiokkkkk~ I remember having better ones at Chinatown, and the uncle would even give us free durians!

I even gotta change 1 of them because it’s not sweet and the uncle claimed that we can exchange if it’s not sweet~ Looks yucky right? =/

Playing with her durian…tsk tsk tsk! Actually she was just trying to hide her unglam moment when I was also eating unglam-ly! -.-“

Went 搵到食 for dim sum because it’s obvious that the glutton Lyn is very tempted by all the good food in Geylang that she went “wow-ing” here and there…hahaha!

After deciding on what to order…

Me: Only ordering 2???

Lyn: Yah… Later you cannot finish then I have to eat. (She kept repeating that!)

Me: Huh so paiseh~ Later the person say we come in and only order 2 =/

Lyn: Ordering 2 is better than not ordering anything!

Me: Okay lor… You tell her~ *points to staff who has been standing behind her*

She was shocked when she turned around to see the staff looking at her, waiting for her order and she was sooooooo paiseh for saying that so proudly! ROFL!

Siew Mai with prawn~!



Kept making fun of Lyn for her tilted “model pose” in this photo…LOL. But it’s a nice shot!

I was doing stupid things like showing Lyn how a siew mai has grown on her head (as depicted) and I dropped my siew mai on the table! D: D: D:

But we had a good time laughing as usual and we always make each other laugh till our stomach cramp, or worse, I almost got choked! LOL. And then taking unglam/candid photos of each other xD

Lyn kept trying to find custard bun in their menu because she knows that I like them! Haha! In the end we decided to ask the staff and they really have it! But it’s not the liquid custard kind that I like~

Full after durian plus dim sum! Finally left the place where men-seem-like-they-haven’t-seen-women-before -.- They just kept staring at us!!!

Being protective as usual, Lyn got really pissed and said, “看看看!再看我踩他们的鞋啊!” LOLOL!!! Why so cute one?! xD

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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