First Crème Brûlée!

Everyone has been saying that the Custard Caramel that I made tastes like Crème Brûlée~ But I had never tried Crème Brûlée before, so I don’t exactly know if it’s really the same thing =/

Finally had my virgin try at Bakerzin! 😀

It’s not exactly the same in terms of texture and I don’t burn the caramel on top, but it’s a little similar (:

After eating half of it, I found a small strand of hair (probably nostril hair or what, given its length x.x) in it! So the person actually replaced it with a brand new one! :S

Feels good to get everything off my chest! (:
It’s tiring to be independent sometimes, but I just feel that it’s always better to depend on yourself than on others~

(via whenthestarscollide.tumblr)

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