Gay buddy~

Lunch at Great World City and I had the Korean Yukgaejang again! Never sick of Korean food seriously~ And Wilson ordered this $10 菜贩 from the scissors cut curry rice stall!!! –jaws dropped!!!

This is the first time I heard a $10 economical rice, let alone it being from FOOD COURT =/

Double good news in the afternoon~ Actually I don’t know if that’s good news or not =/
But oh well…looking on the bright side, it will be!

Hitched a ride from boss and ended up in Raffles City~ Plan-less Friday night, so I thought I can use the time to shop for Xiao Qian’s belated present. But received glutton buddy’s “invitation” to accompany him for dinner, so I headed straight down to Marymount.

Called TCC down and we went to the Prata House to watch Soon Song eat…LOL. Scoopz for ice-cream after that~! (:

I swear that my buddy is damnnnnnn annoying and I can easily think of 10 reasons why I so feel like slapping him! -.-“

1) Embarrassed me in front of Scoopz staff!
2) Cannot stop bringing up my past relationship to joke about!
3) Love to make me sound totally worthless!
4) Love to go around telling people about my childhood incident that I shared with him!
5) Love to annoy me as much as possible!
6) Love to throw insulting remarks/nicknames at me!
7) Love to laugh at criticisms/compliments as long as it’s concerning me!
8 ) Love to poke fun at me over and over again!
9) Love to embarrass me in front of others! -.-“
10) Love to spout nonsense and then put words into my mouth!


Bought beancurds and egg tarts before dropping by TCC’s house to visit his mum~ She’s always so friendly and talkative, making us feel very welcomed..haha! Cute auntie (:

Was fighting with buddy (like really physically) once we boarded the bus and then throughout the journey (verbally)! Who knows his poly friend was in the same bus as us and had been watching!

Soon Song was totally shocked when he was alighting and the friend called out for him…LOL! To think that he couldn’t even recognise his own friend (thinking why does he look so familiar) when he’s from his poly clique!!! -_______-|||

Went Mac to get 12 pieces of nuggets for my dear brother because it’s 1-for-1 starting from today! So people, start using this coupon now! xD

P.S. If buddy tells me that he is gay one day, I will not be surprised. Because if even if his mum believes so, why not? xD

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


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