Love beyond differences

Busy day~ Took 4 hours plus just to finish my lunch because I was rushing to complete a clip which was promised to be delivered by the end of the day. A promise is a promise; no bargaining for time!

So I insisted that I can finish it; there’s a will, there’s a way! I still believe that as long as you are determined enough to do it and just concentrate, it’s not that tough after all.

最后的晚餐 (:

Finally Twilight-ed! Couldn’t wait for it because everyone has watched!

Well it wasn’t awesomeeeeeeee but good enough for me! Now I know why Billy said the guys will find it sucks while the girls will love it; it focuses more on the romance part than the vampires and fights~

Still hate Jacob though -.- Neither was I there for Edward Cullen.
But I love Bella, for her courage to love beyond differences – something that I truly admire.



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