The last fight~

Sometimes I really hate myself, because I can never really excel in anything I do. “Jack of all trades, master of none“, but I’m not even Jack of all trades, let alone being the master of any. No matter what I learn, I can never be good at it, period.

Take kickboxing as an example; after close to 2 years of training, I still can’t master the kicks. Demoralising much. So they decided to take a video of me doing the kicks to correct me! But now I finally have pictures of me doing the kicks…haha!
crop image

Today is the last training for me because Wednesday class will be closed till after Chinese New Year D:
Although I still have the choice to train on Friday nights or Sunday mornings, both are quite a turn-off for me because it’s FRIDAY NIGHT!!! And neither can I wake up for Sunday trainings~

I’m quite reluctant to stop because like I said, I don’t like to miss trainings, and not to mention this time round for 2 months! But I guess having to partner that same 没默契 person for the next 2 months doesn’t sound fun either =/

She was saying today that “我和 Vivian 一向来都没有默契啦~” and I can only say that it’s a mutual feeling~ I think 默契 is really important, but most of the 默契 partners have their own partners now… So taking a break is not a bad idea too!

Just that I need something else to vent my anger or displeasure now.

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)

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