Rock 'n' Roll night~!

Had Sour & Spicy Vermicelli for lunch because I was still feeling a little unwell from the cup of milk tea the previous night. I remember having that same nauseous feeling the previous time I drank that and the KOI coffee too, so I have caffeine intolerance I guess -.-“


Adrenaline for work is back and I even contemplated working till late again even though it’s a Friday night! But eventually I did not, because there is something more important (:

Settled in this restaurant – Naïve for dinner and they have this cute “blessing” ceremony which involves grinding some sesame seeds!

Grinding and grinding~
And you’re supposed to pass the bowl to the next person to grind as a form of giving your blessing to the person!

Blessed now! Time to eat! Haha!
I’m blessed in the sense that my lunch wasn’t too late today, if not I would have given up on trying to finish all these food long ago!

It’s not that the food is bad or anything, they are pretty good in fact!
I love the tom yum soup the most! Thick and sour! Finished every bit of it before I even started on other food! xD

Olive rice! I love olive rice especially the one from Soup Restaurant, but having to finish one whole plate of rice on my own is a M.I! x.x


This is some spicy fishcake thing, which is not bad too! (:

Last but not least, my virgin try on monkey head mushroom!!! I have heard about it a few times from Wilson but never ever seen it or tried it, and now I finally did! Surprised that the texture is really like some tender chicken!

Took damn long to finish this dinner because I was trying to let the food digest a little before continuing…haha! Full FULL FULLLLLLLLL~!

Visited this bar which is pretty unique I would say! It looks like any other normal bar for people to hang out after work and have a drink, enjoy some music and etc; nothing so special about it.

So of course I was prepared to just enjoy a drink and chill~ But it turned out to be such a happening place and I was highly entertained throughout the night!!!

Firstly, I was highly amused by the live band, or rather, the 2 performers!

You can see that they are not the typical young performers that you find in Paulaner or other bars with live band performing all the modern music, but yet they started the night with some club songs and even danced along with it! LOL.

Male performer: *rapped some stuff*

D: What the hell is he saying?!?!

Me: I don’t know!!!

Then we realised it was the opening of Lady Gaga’s AlejandroI know that we are young and I know you may love me. But I just can’t be with you like anymore. Alejandro~ LMAO!!!

And the night just got better and better with the arrival of the birthday girl lady, whom I reckon is 1 of the many regulars there! They are such a happening bunch despite being in the middle-age group! Hugs and kisses are not considered as improper acts either!

It’s really really good to see these people still finding time for some fun despite being busy with family and work at this age. It’s the kind of life that I will want 20 years later!!! No, it’s the only kind of life that I want!

We should all have fun for as long as we live and not just as long as we are young right?! So once again, can’t wait to learn line-dancing at the void deck!!! LOL!


Birthday lady dancing with friend!

It’s just real entertaining to see everyone high (but yet not dead drunk or what) and taking turns to go up on stage to sing! Even the staff of the bar took turns to sing for the birthday lady and I was amazed that their vocals are all pretty good!!!!!!!

Everyone seems to know each other in the bar and they are like a big family having fun together! Even the boss of the bar (I think?) started hitting the pots and pans along with the music! LOL!!!


As compared to pubs where everyone is playing games on their own and basically trying to get each other drunk, I actually prefer such cozy environment where everyone just have fun together (:

It’s a different kind of fun I guess~ But nevertheless, a great great night!!!

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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