Ahhhhh~ Haven’t got time to blog these days! Time for some overdue pictures~

Han's! ❤

Monday – Han’s!
Tuesday – Awfully Chocolate!

Was waiting for boss to come back so that I can present and share my pretty cakes! And he finally came back at 6 plus! 😀


Cakes with ❤ !

Because it’s such a happy occasion, the cakes serve as a mini celebration and everyone was so excited over how pretty the cakes are that they started snapping and snapping pictures!!! (:

I got the Santa one because they said the cakes belong to me and I deserve the Santa~ So sorry Santa Claus! x.x

Met Ah Lyn, Ah Tiff and Ah Joan in Bugis and it’s such a cool combination because our ages are – 23, 22, 21, 20 respectively! xD

Darling got me addicted to these mushrooms! But 我爱台妹 is better~

Trying very hard to cam-whore on the escalator…LOL!

Haven’t got time to go around seeing each mall’s Christmas decoration and this is the first one that I snap for this year~

Standing according to our age again! xD

Lyn kept saying, “快点。。很迟了,很迟了” when it was only 9pm -.- It’s either she couldn’t wait for her ice-cream or she just hopes to spend as much time with us…haha!

Her blissful face after having her salted caramel ice-cream! I got her addicted to it…haha!

Love this candy Christmas tree!!!

Stealing the candy cane xD

Accompanied Lyn and Joan to the arcade while Tiff left for home~
Would love to have such a big Domo as my BFF!

Have been busy going out that I don’t have my ME time to get my cereals, apples and etc x.x

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


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