Momo's belated 22nd!

Lunched out at NEX because Wilson requested to eat out; probably sick of coffeeshop food =/
Then he requested for somewhere that is in between foodcourt and restaurant; probably sick of foodcourt food as well~

To me, lunch is just a daily thing and I am always fine with just coffeeshop or foodcourt. Unless if it’s birthdays or any occasion, then of course I’m fine to splurge a little more. But generally, I’m not someone who mind that much about quality of food, as long as it’s edible.

Somehow we ended up in Ajisen Gourmet Town, even though it is classified as a restaurant -.- I guess that’s what happens when you have colleagues much older than you and hence have greater spending capacity~


My pathetic-looking meal x.x

With this $12, I could have bought 2-4 days of my usual lunch (depending on whether it is coffeeshop or foodcourt). Now you know why I don’t see the need to splurge on normal lunch, because it’s just not worth it~

Topped it up with mini Cornetto! 😀

Headed down to Bugis after work to meet the girls for Momo’s belated birthday celebration! (:
But since I was early, I decided to help my Sis get her Bodyshop stuff~!



1 bag is Xiao Qian’s belated birthday gift, 1 is Yinning’s stuff from Korea, and the other is my Sis’s stuff! Haha! Almost no hand to indulge in my Cranberry Yami yogurt! xD

Only booked 2 hours of K because Momo claimed that she’s not in a singing mood~ But who will believe that?! Look at this! LOL!

She was even damn high as usual, singing all the club songs and asking us to “put your hands up!” Hahahaha! K is always so crazy with Momo around, even though I was actually busy trying to finish my book =/

Group photos before Xiao Qian left! 😀

And a solo shot with the birthday girl!
The white VS black xD

Went to Mac after singing because the girls were trying to let me finish the book so that I can return it…LOL. I don’t know if I should borrow any more books from the library because I always can’t finish them on time, even after renewal! It’s either I don’t have the chance to read it, or my eyes are asking me to stop :S



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