My longggggggggg Saturday! (:

When was the last time I woke up so early on a Saturday??? But thanks to the first Chingay practice, which was held at this ulu Japanese school in Clementi (for these 2 weeks) instead of Japanese Association, I actually woke up at 8.30am for it!

Remember my reluctance in waking up for Sunday morning kickboxing training? Haha! I’m actually doing it for Chingay now! But also because I happened to have a ride luh~ If not I probably wouldn’t wanna travel all the way down to Clementi early in the morning =/

Nadine couldn’t join me this year, but Xiao Qian will be! (:
But she won’t be able to make it for these 2 weeks, so I was alone, surrounded by the Japs~

The senseis danced the whole song once and this year’s dance is a little like kungfu =/
I actually prefer last year’s music too!

But at least the steps were not too difficult to catch, just need time to remember everything~ We went through the steps part by part for a few times and actually finished learning the whole song within the first practice! =O

Of course I’m expecting many changes to come later on, but at least this wasn’t a wasted trip at all! I am probably going to give next week’s practice a miss then, because it’s really too farrrrrrrrrrr and early!

Got kidnapped and was brought on farms tour! Fish farm; veggie farm; frog farm; goat farm and what else? 😀

Never seen soooo many turtles in my life before! *gape*

And even more frogs………………
I don’t dislike frogs, neither am I a fan of them. But why would anyone wanna rear frogs and open a frog farm seriously?! :S

Pretty Christmas tree at one of the showrooms! Love it! (:

Goat farm next! 😀
I have been wanting to go to the goat farm!!! But too bad now they do not allow visitors to feed or interact with the goats~


"Hi, pretty~"

She wants to talk to me! xD

Didn’t have time to really finish the tour because it was an impromptu one and I was already planning to head to my Sis’s place~ But it was still an interesting day! (:

Miss my dearest hamburger after not seeing him for 2 weeks!
He woke up for milk shortly after I arrived! 知道姨姨来了吗? xD

Feeling macho after the milk! LOL.

Only managed to spend less than 2 hours with him before I rushed off for the last appointment of the day! Super late and I was contemplating on taking a cab down~

But at the same time, I was trying very hard to contact Yinning to see if she is reaching or still far away like me… And it turned out that she is also still in AMK! So we decided to cab down together even though we were still like 30 minutes late =/

Join Mr Ow (who had reached long ago) at myVillage‘s Relish!

Tried the Soft Shell Crab Burger recommended by Mr Ow and it’s really goodddddddd~!

The conversation that I almost fainted -_____-“

John Ow: Not going holiday?

Me: Go holiday??? I just came back from Korea!

John Ow: You really went to Korea?! Oohhhh! I thought you just went to somewhere in Singapore that looks like Korea and took those photos! That’s why I was thinking why you so bo liao~

I don’t know which conversation is worse, the one that he thought my nephew is my son, or this T.T

Udders for ice-cream before heading to his house, which is just nearby (:
It’s our first time visiting his new house; had only been to the old one, which was many many years ago~

The old man’s plantation xD

Chatted mainly about his 2 kids and this is also the first time I see the fatherly side of my primary teacher (:
It’s really very different from his usual stern attitude in school~ In fact I had never seen him being so sweet to a kid before! Haha! But that’s also because his daughter is really such a sweetie!

She even showed and explained to us the latest trend in school now – Moshi Monsters! Yinning and I had no idea what’s that and we totally felt the generation gap there x.x

But it’s basically like the magic cards that guys were crazy over during our school days and you can trade your cards with your friends in order to collect them all~ Then there is also something about getting a Moshi Monsters account and so on =/

Well anyhow, she’s just really really sweet and cute and now we know why Mr Ow claimed that he can never bring himself to scold her! Haha! Then he turned to me and said, “You see lah~ Don’t wanna get married? Don’t wanna have kids???” -_____-|||

Still NO. But not saying that it’s impossible~ Just that for now, I still don’t see the point.

(via loveyourquotes.tumblr)


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