WJ's KO day~

Yukgaejang for lunch! Can never get sick of it! 😀

Went for a “lecture” in the evening which last all the way till 9pm! It’s all very technical things and thank goodness I’m quiteeee tech-savvy, so I could understand almost all of it until towards the end =/

Reiko’s joke of the night – “But my card reader is for Mac! Can it work???” LOL. Then we all enlightened her that card readers doesn’t have a “Mac version”…hahahaha!

Headed over to Soon Song’s house to join the rest for WJ’s birthday “celebration“. Actually I guess it’s just a chance for the guys to revenge on him and make him drunk! Haha!

Enjoying my 旺仔小馒头! 😀

Was kinda bored because the guys were playing Mahjong and Queena was watching her anime~ Then Shrine came over to entertain me and we started watching the Aaron Tan’s video that is circulating in Facebook!

Totally LOL-ed and we even watched it twice!!! As usual, Shrine couldn’t stop mimicking him after that! Hahahaha! I seriously feel soooo embarrassed for the ex-girlfriend!

Anyhow, Shi Min joined us after work and got the first Christmas present of the year from her! Hehe.

The working adults were all in the living room, chatting and doing our own stuff while the kids started their drinking rounds with Poker games~

Revenge time!!!

Look at the birthday boy on his way to KO-ing! xD

And then he started speaking like Peiern in her kiddish tone, going around to tell people “secrets” that I don’t even know if they are secrets anymore! LOL. Then he kept targeting on Shi Min, who didn’t have to work the next day so she could help him drink!!!

I have no idea what he was talking about!

Then everything started to turn chaotic after he decided to take a break in the living room when he was about to KO -.- He suddenly decided to walk to the kitchen and started banging into the altar and chairs with his unsteady movements!!!

The guys helped him to the bathroom and the next thing we know, they knocked into this big bucket of water somehow and flooded the kitchen, causing WJ and Shrine or who to slip and fall to the ground! It was a chaotic yet hilarious moment!!! ROFL!

Got my camera too late! They managed to get him up from the floor! But this also means I’m here to mop the floor again! -____-“

After some puking in the bathroom, it was obvious that WJ is totally gone! But Zhen Hao just insisted on getting him out of the house somehow (and even wanted to drag him home) but he ended up collapsing on the corridor instead -.-“

The drunkard puked again at the corridor and his face had turned pale white by then! Yet Zhen Hao just refused to let him go in and rest and kept insisting that he knows how to handle him! Zzzzzz! Pek chek x 3982618973468732682367!!!

All of us were urging him to just bring WJ back into the house because if the neighbours were to complain and the cops come and see this drunkard and mess at the corridor, we will be in deep shit! But the stubborn one said his good friend is a cop, so everything will be fine…Zzzzz! As though the friend is president of Singapore?!

So I just told the guys to bring him in because it’s either he’s gonna sleep at the corridor or inside the house; there’s just no way he can make it back home in such a state! Look at him, he is practically DEAD!!!

He puked a few times more till he had got nothing to puke anymore and he kept spitting saliva NON-STOP instead -.- And then he started retching, which sounded like some dinosaur rawr-ing!!! ROFLOL!

It’s like every time we (Shrine, Shi Min, TCC and I) are about to leave, because we need to work the next day (except Shi Min), he started making the puking noise and we decided to stay to help! 9 people dealing with 1 drunkard, can you imagine?!

Si Kai and Shrine started to get damn pissed; Si Kai was like slapping WJ, asking him not to fake drunk because according to the guys, he did not drink much and his alcohol tolerance level is definitely much better than this =/

Whereas Shrine just wanted to go home so badly that he told WJ, “You just sleep okay! I don’t care already! Just SLEEP!!!” LOL! Then WJ did the dinosaur roar again and this time round, he turned towards Shrine’s foot (he happened to be walking past) and hugged it…

Then he retched and rested his face on his foot, hence kissing it! LMAO!!!!!!!!

I just can’t stop laughing whenever I recall that scene!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! I think Shrine just got even more pissed after that…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! First he fell into the big pool of water because of WJ, then he has got his vomitus on hand, and now he got his foot kissed by a drunkard!!! ROFLOL!!!

Despite the chaos, it was still a night filled with laughter and definitely a memorable night, because I guess most of us have not seen WJ drunk before! But I guess he deserves it for always sabotaging the rest -.- Tit for tat!

Finally left at around 3am and left it to the rest to settle him~ Maddddddddd exhausted!!!
Didn’t even bother to check out my portable charger which finally arrived -.- But it was still too late…Zzzz.

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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