New work space! :D

Decided to take these few days’ opportunities to explore different mode of transport to work when we have not officially started work yet~ But it turned out that with all the random pauses, taking the train is equally long, or even longer than taking bus -.-“

I should be glad enough that I have straight bus to work anyway. I love Ang Mo Kio because I seem to have straight buses everywhere! Even to the current office! Haha!

Anyhow, the IKEA people were already fixing the furniture when I reached and everything was done pretty fast! (:

Helped to vacuum the room before we started to shift the furniture to our respective positions and fixed the tables up! Mine was the first to be fixed up and I’m glad that I’ve got the window seat!!! 😀

Pretty much done with the shifting!

Reiko and my side! She wanted the window seat as well initially, but after seeing the whole setup, she decided not to have it! Yay~! Haha!

The men on the other side! (:
I will be facing boss by the way! Hahaha!

Went for lunch before heading back to the current office to start packing! (:
Also passed the cleaning auntie a little farewell gift wrapped by yours truly! Hehe. I love to wrap presents!!!

She was so grateful and I’m gonna miss all her stories so much! She’s always so chatty, sharing with me stories in the office and ghost stories from Channel 5’s Incredible Tales (she loves to watch that! LOL) xD

Also left a present for Superman, who has helped us a lot a lot a lot all this while! ((:

Helped to pack all the computers which include these 4 Macs! Everyone was saying that I’m damn strong and so on, but boss still didn’t allow me to help him and Wilson to do the loading and delivery in the end…haix!

Didn’t want Kinko to be squashed in the box, so I decided to hand-carry her! (:
好命 bear right! Hahaha!


(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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