Goodbye Bartley~

Probably the last day travelling to this office from home~
Last time sitting here too…

Goodbye ulu industrial place~

Goodbye FujiFilm building~

And goodbye construction noise!!!!!! One of the few reasons that I would love to leave this place~

Goodbye Bartley~! (:

Continued packing and loaded all our stuff up the lorry! Poor Wilson gotta squeeze at the back like a banglah =/

Actually I don’t mind sitting at the back too~ But Reiko said, “Will they (the men) even let you do so?” and I was speechless…haix~ It’s the men VS ladies thing again -.-“

Super late lunch at 4+ before heading to our new office! Unpacked as much as we could and I managed to set up my Mac on my own as well~ Thanks to the previous moving experience! Haha!

I’m starting to like the new place a little more now (:
Everyone loves the place and I’m just okayyyyy with it at first because I’m actually fine with anywhere as long as it is accessible and preferably close to my house! Hehe.

Unpacked till around 9pm before we decided to continue tomorrow~ Tired!

That's what I think too...
(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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