It's a NEW year~

31st December 2011

The last day of the year was spent like any other day; nothing special at all. Headed to town for appointment before I spent the rest of the night shopping for Winnie’s 21st present~

Had been wanting to go to this Ferrero Rocher Christmas tree but did not get the chance to~ Finally did! Though Christmas is wayyyyy over…haha!

Shopped from town to NEX but was pretty much empty-handed in the end -.- Got (super) belated Christmas gift for Lyn instead and also found something for Joan Tan’s coming birthday! (:

Dropped the idea of catching fireworks because I remember the horrible crowd 2 years ago~ Decided to head home and finish up my entries instead. New year to me is really … just another year =/
1 year ago and 1 year later; not much difference except for the hair…LOL.



Happy New Year, everyone! 😀

Poohpooh going for part…hehe!

1 January 2012

Finally have got time to go over Sis’s place to visit my little burger! It’s been 3 weeks!!! I did not wanna pack my schedule like last long weekend so that I would have time to go over!

Fed him for the first time! 😀

Looking pro? xD
Victor was impressed that he actually finished almost the whole bottle (except the last 20ml?) without making any noise! Haha! Because he usually stops halfway and cries~

Playing with him so that poor Sis get to have some rest! Hehe! Still can’t believe my Sis is a mother now (:

One of the rare smile~ He smiles more when he is sleeping!

Kelian face~ Awwwww~

His features all look so small thanks to his cheeks and high forehead! LOL.

He was actually trying to mimic us whistle! Hahaha! So cute~!!!

Off for dinner at Sembawang Shopping Centre! (:
Feeding time again! Damn fast seriously!

Tried Kungfu Paradise for the first time and it’s good!

Victor and his biggggg bowl of spicy noodle! If it looks big in front of him, it definitely is big! xD

The custard buns are even more awesome but too bad my phone battery was running low before I could take a picture of the flowing custard! Definitely wanna go back again!

Sis and Victor sent me home and also brought Isaac over for the first time! Could see that my dad was real delighted and honestly, I had not seen him smiling like this for a real long time (:

It’s after all the first grandchild and I know my Dad likes babies and kids. Just that he needs to drop those traditions and also know who is worth to be called kins; needless to say, who to trust and who not to.

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


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