Wild Wild BURNT~!

Lyn has got lobang again and this time round, we went to Wild Wild Wet for free~! Asked Joanjoan along because I remember she said she has not been there before! 😀

Ready for some sunshine!!! Our main motive is actually to get tanned! Hehe.

It’s been close to 4 years since my last visit there! Now I finally recalled who I went with, thanks to my blog! LOL. But everything is still the same!

First stop was the Shiok River, where we just laid on the floats and let the river push us round after round~

Then we went for the Tsunami pool, which I almost drowned in once =/
Thank goodness nothing of such happened to any of us because all 4 of us do not know how to swim! LOL.

Ular-lah was next and it’s 1 of my favourite! Not too scary, yet it’s pretty fun! 😀

Then comes the most scary and exciting ride in Wild Wild WetSlide Up! I took with Joanjoan and she had a shock when it went down…LOLOL. Lyn’s legs went jelly after that..hahaha!

Have a feel of it! xD

Went back to Shiok River and we stayed there for many rounds! I think that was when we got most tanned, or rather, burnt =/

Off to try the Jacuzzi pool for the first time and my skin was feeling burning hotttttt! We all looked damn red by then~

Went for another round of Slide Up after Lyn and Joan made a deal that if Lyn takes the Slide Up again (she’s scared after the first try!), then Joan will sit on the float in Tsunami (she has phobia doing that after overturning the previous time)…hahaha!

So we went to take Slide Up again and this time round I took it with another Joan and unlike the previous try, I was the one facing downwards this time…

And holy cow! It was scary when you are facing downwards!!!! I was so calm at first that when I see us flying down, I didn’t even have time to react…LOL!

Lyn totally gave up on it after the second try…hahahahaha!

All of us were badly burnt and I decided not to torture my skin anymore, so we went to shower after 2 rounds of “Yakult” xD

It’s actually this gigantic pail of water pouring onto you from the top and it used to be a Yakult pail~ The effect of being directly under it is like having your head being pushed down by someone super strong and unable to lift your head up! Haha!

Result of the day – 4 ang gong gong girls ready for Chinese New Year! x.x

We were really badly burnt except for my face!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I really look like an inverted Singapore flag -.-“

Seriously, my face is still fair like ghost! And on the other hand, my body is so in pain by the burn!!! T.T

Group photo with the theme park before heading off for super late lunch!!! Cho~ hungry!!!

Settled in Just Acia and I had tom yum pasta! Niceee~! (:

Sent Joanjoan off because she was not joining us for the movie – Alvin and the Chipmunks!

Not exactly very interested in this movie even though I watched the 2 prequels~ But it’s still an enjoyable one because Theodore is ever so cuteeeeeeeee~!


Flasher alert! xD

(via picsandquotes.tumblr)


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