Dim Sum!!!

Met up with Lyn and Joan after work in Bugis! Poor Joan waited for so long because the 2 of us ended work pretty late x.x

Then Lyn brought us to this ulu dim sum place in Jalan Besar and I couldn’t stop complaining how ulu it is as we walked our way there! Okay I wasn’t complaining about the walking distance, I was just surprised how this little girl managed to find such an ulu place!

But then again, good things are usually hidden! (:

Swee Choon Dim Sum!

As usual, the girls were having good appetite and after ordering all these, they even contemplated on a hor fun =/

Everything is pretty good and I love the xiao long bao! Of course the most dope one is still the custard bun, which was the reason Lyn brought me there for!

Ever since she knows I like custard buns, she had been going around trying to find -.- And now I got her “addicted” to them too…haha!

Look at how the salted egg yolk custard flows!!! And they are not stingy at all for the filling!

Super full after finishing the dim sum! Hilarious time when we tried to teach Lyn Hokkien and she started translating the items on the menu into Hokkien! -____-|||

Then she wanted to laugh so much with us but the whole night she could only give us stiff laughter because her face is threatening to crack due to the sun burnt! LOL!

Walked our way through the Mustafa stretch for the first time in my life in order to reach the train station and it felt like another version of Geylang~ Hmmmm.

Me: Will you dare to come here alone?

Joan: No…

Me: Then Geylang?

Joan: Hmmm…should be okay.

Me: Huh but why??? Since it’s about the same, just different “colour”~

Lyn: She prefers white~

Me: Oh! She’s scared that if she screams, “不要强奸我!” and they won’t understand? *LOL*

Lyn: Later she says, “不要!不要!” and they thought she meant she wants more!


(via leilockheart.tumblr)


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