Giant Yoshi!

Settled my lunch at the kiosk just outside our office again! The taco is really not bad, and it’s the cheapest item there…hehe.


Beef Tenderloin Taco~

Something interesting (:

Impromptu decision to collect Winnie’s present after work since I have a lift and I really needed that lift! Hahaha!

Now you see why?! xD

TCC said the birthday girl had been wanting a giant soft toy, so I was busy looking for a giant Pooh initially, until the birthday girl said she’s “okay okay with Pooh only” x.x

So TCC actually managed to find this big Yoshi in AMK Hub, but it was sold few days later! Luckily I managed to find another one somewhere else! Haha!


我们美丽的城市 (:

Now the next problem is … How am I going to carry you to the party?! x.x

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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