Durian outing & 逛年市!

IKEA for lunch and the smoked salmon on the advertisement board tempted me immediately even though I was there for the meatballs! =O

I’m such a sucker for salmon! But I definitely did not regret ordering this! Hehe.

Shopping in IKEA after that and we spotted this ugly ginseng-lookalike plant which Wilson had one! It’s really weird looking, isn’t it? =/

Off to meet Lyn and Joan in Chinatown after work and I brought them to eat durian at the place where Gek Peng and I used to eat after work! 😀

Bought the kampong durian for 20 bucks each because Lyn said that’s the good one with small seeds!

Even though the seeds are small, the durian is big!!!

And looks even bigger in front of this little girl xD


The durian is definitely gooddddddddddddddd!!! Thick bittersweet flesh with quite a number of seeds inside!

After finishing the first one, Lyn was so tempted to get another one…haha! So we really bought 1 more!

Cam-whore with durian again! xD

She really knows how to give cute face ya! Hahaha!

She’s holding on to the basket because I was pulling the durian to my side! LOL!

Just when we were done with all the cam-whoring and were excited to embark on our second durian, we spotted a worm once we opened it!!!

So we went to exchange for another one and the auntie insisted that there is no worm when it is RIGHT THERE!!! She thought we were referring to the disfigured yellow part in the middle and kept explaining to us that that’s the 花 of the durian!

Lyn and I kept asking her to look at the worm and we even wanted to point to her, but she took a glance at it and insisted that she doesn’t see anything! WTF. Then she turned and accused us for not knowing how to appreciate the durian she chose for us!

She just kept nagging on and on and made it like it’s our fault when we totally have no reason to lie to her! It’s not as if I get a free durian or what?! So I was really pissed and I said, “明明就有虫,是你自己老花看不到 lor! 我们干嘛要骗你?!”

Seriously DAMN PISSED! I hate it when people ACCUSE me for something FACTUAL! And I even have proof for it! Luckily I took a photo of the worm before we went to exchange! KNS!

To think we were even nice enough to wait for her customers to go off first, if not we will be making her embarrassed in front of them. Yet she turned around to make it seem like we were trying to make things difficult for her on purpose! 好心没好报 seriously!

Anyhow, she had no choice but to exchange one for us because there is no way we are gonna pay 20 bucks for a durian with worm! Thank goodness this was equally good too!!! (:

吃饱饱, time to 逛年市! 😀

We were at this mochi stall which was giving out samples and I pointed at Lyn and shouted that she’s very hungry, then the lady was like, “Hungry ah? Our mochi is like buffet, eat all you want!” LOL.

From pineapple to fruit basket -.-“

Had a good time with the girls! So many sia suay moments but we had a good time laughing! 😀

(via yanilavigne.net)


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