15 Minutes!

Love this cheese ramen which I had in Korea!
So glad that I can find it in Singapore even though much more expensive =/


Lunch! 😀

My beauty stuff for office! Hehe.

Peeping Wilson at the window =/

Looking forward to meeting Lyn and Joan after work because we are heading to try a new place! After much detour, we finally reached Lasalle! We seriously walked like double the distance…LOL.

Even though the cafe is not quiet nor cozy, I love it because there is live band!

It’s quite a nice place actually (:

The simple paper menu~

Smoked salmon pizza to share! 😀

I loved it because I’m a big fan of salmon, no matter raw, smoked or grilled~ But it turned out that the girls don’t like smoked salmon -______-|||

They still find it a little raw, so I had to eat all the salmon while they eat the plain crust!

Had a great Friday night with them nevertheless because each time we meet, we have a good time laughing! So much that Lyn even spilled her drink on the table and we still couldn’t stop laughing!!! xD

(via leilockheart.tumblr)


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