Joan's 22nd Craziness!

Blogging all the overdue photos together as well~

This was 1 of the days when Wilson attempted to drive us back from Pasir Ris after the shoot and the whole journey took 3 times the duration…LOL. Had a hilarious ride though xD

Caught The Great Magician one of the nights and till now, I still can’t figure out the genre of the movie! LOL. It’s funny, but it’s the kind of crappy jokes whereby you go, “WTH! Damn lame!!!“, but still laugh at the lameness of it…haha!

Cake from Wilson’s mum! I just like to turn every cake-cutting into a birthday…hehe.

We do have a birthday coming up though! And it’s Joan’s! Not Joanjoan, but the other one (:
The silly birthday girl even got Lyn and I a cake, or rather, a mud-pie each even though it’s her birthday!

Had dinner with her at Swensen’s first while waiting for Lyn to join us after her “event“~ Luckily Joan is quite gullible and together with my good acting, she was surprised by us!!! xD

Lyn was actually making a cake for her at Icing Room while we were eating! Joan really thought she is still at her event and shortly after I came back from the washroom (which is actually to go help Lyn prepare the cake), Lyn walked in with her self-drawn Melody cake! Hehe!


Surprise surprise~!

Not bad right! Though Lyn is not very satisfied…haha!



Us: Make wish make wish! *prepare camera*

Joan: Huh then you all going to take photos of me closing my eyes to make wish ah?!

Me: Then you want us to take photos of you OPENING your eyes to make wish ah?!

I don’t know why she felt awkward and giggly about the wish-making part, because it’s usually the birthday song part that makes me awkward =/

I also got her a mini Melody cake knowing that she loves Melody! (Oops! Cannot be seen. iPhone camera…tsk tsk) Oh and a Melody watch as present! Hehe!

Then she also received a free ice-cream from Swensen’s for her birthday (the girls didn’t know of such promo!) so she ended up having 3 “cakes“! xD


Rilakkuma Polaroid shots! ❤ ❤ ❤

Cutting the cake! But none of us ate because we were all full, especially the 2 of them! Haha!

Left the mall and all the shops were closed by then~ But we didn’t feel like going home yet, especially when Lyn had only joined not long ago and it’s also sad for birthday girl to come all the way down from home just for a while =/

So we did retarded stuff and had a good laugh over our nonsense again! We were talking about hairstyles and I was trying to convince Lyn that she looks better when she had long hair (before I know her), so I lent her my hair as extension! LOL.

I was standing behind her, with my back against hers by the way! Well-concealed right! xD
Only Photoshop the hair colour because it is different and she looked as though she has a dog tail on her shoulders…LOL!

Was just damn high and I couldn’t stop crapping on!!! We all had a great time though, especially the birthday girl! I really made her laugh like non-stop! Hahahahahaha!

Then Lyn joked about giving Cla a call and asking him to come down, and she jumped up when she heard his voice through my phone’s loud speaker, because I really called him! LOL. And he really came down! Damn steady~

Taking retarded photos while waiting for him! LOL.
As you all know, I don’t usually post unglam photos, so enjoy! xD

I know the last 2 are the most epic ones! LOLOLOLOL.

(via leilockheart.tumblr)


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