Sudden heavy rain in the afternoon and if you have been following my tweets, you would have known that I was almost electrocuted =/

It was really rather traumatising because the lightning and thunder alone is usually enough to scare me (I’m not timid; I just don’t like loud noise!) but this time round along with the lightning, there was spark from my handphone charger which struck my hand as well!

Everything just happened in a split second – the lightning, the spark, the blackout, my scream! Seriously traumatised but having very optimistic boss and colleagues, they said the lightning is a “visit from the dragon” and it’s a good sign x.x
Well, hopefully~ But no matter what, I’m glad that I didn’t die from that “visit“.

Off to Bras Basah to print our new namecards and ended up having super late lunch again! They decided to try Kazokutei, which I have tried before(:


Seafood udon~!

Boss was feeling rather happy somehow and declared it as company lunch againnnnn! Haha! And he was even more delighted after getting his soft serve ice-cream! xD

Chinatown again after work and the crowd was not as bad as I expected~
Ended up buying 1kg of mochi and jellies!!! Yam mochi is ❤ by the way!


Desserts for dinner (:


A shot from shots!

Miss night strolls at the beach; just walk and walk.

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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