Clique's Reunion Dinner!

Was looking forward to this 4-days holiday (who isn’t!) because I have so much things to be done! E.g. Last minute spring cleaning of my room, ironing my clothes, blogging overdue entries, watching my super “overdue” DVDs, and of course visiting my little burger! 😀

Decided to drop by because I have reunion dinner with Clique at just 2 bus-stops away~
Poor baby was suffering a trauma after he accidentally covered his face with the pillow! He couldn’t stop crying! –heartbreak

Finally had his milk and soundly asleep after the trauma! (:

Headed to the same place where we had our reunion dinner last year and buddy was already queuing along with Shrine and TCC. Mad hungry but we had to wait for the others to arrive x.x

Dinner time~! 😀

Even Joseph came and everyone was shocked by how much weight he has put on =/

Shrine doing his signature spitting…Zzzzz.

Only managed to take 1 picture of the food because they were being finished faster than being served! It’s like once the first 3 dishes came, everyone started attacking like hungry ghosts and they were soon cleared! LOL.

A must for group photo every year! ((:

This was last year when the guys were still in army! Time flies~

Walked over to NorthPoint after that and the guys attempted on a last-minute CNY clothes shopping~ Then off to Swensen’s because Gui was craving for ice-cream; is it Chinese New Year now or 7th month ah?!


I wanna keep this smile (:

(via leilockheart.tumblr)


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