Celebrations! :D

It’s the last day of CNY and I had my first and last lo-hei of the year over company lunch at Soup Restaurant! 😀

We had it last year as well and as usual, the staff recited some auspicious lines while putting in the remaining ingredients~

Done! Ready for the mess!

I am actually not so much of a fan of lo hei, but I like the process of it! xD

The messier the better! Wahaha~

My Carebear boss! Hahaha!

Me with Reiko! 😀

May we have a prosperous new year!

The samsui chicken that they are famous for (:
But actually, I like their olive rice more! Haha!

Another celebration after work but this time round it’s birthday celebration! Collected the cake before heading down to Clarke Quay to join the girls~!

Finally get to try Rive Gauche cake! I have always been wanting to try especially after Xiao Qian raved to me recently~ It’s AWESOME!

We managed to surprise Yinning and Nadine while they were slurping on their ramen…haha!


Happy (belated) Birthday to Yinning and
Happy Birthday (in advance) to Nadine! ❤ ❤ ❤


Making wish together~!


Cutting the cake together like wedding xD

The girls insisted that I eat something, so Nadine gave me a mini bowl of noodle because she can’t finish..haha! So cute~

Had a great catch-up session with the girls, especially our Miss SIA who has so much to update us on regarding work! And then she started distributing the goodies from Japan! ❤

She got this Rilakkuma soup specially for me and it’s choooooooooooo~ CUTE!!!!!!! Omg!!!! How to eat?!

Gave Yinning her belated present as well and she said it’s by far the most useful one because we got her facial moisturisers and toner! You don’t know how shocked I was when I got to know that she doesn’t use them daily!!! =OOO

Stood by the river to chat for a long time because we were too full to sit, yet we have so much to catch up on! Wonderful meet-up and no interrogation, which made it even better! Teehee~

(via picsandquotes.tumblr)


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