Somebody call 995, shawty fire burning on my block~

Favourite green pau! ❤

Strudel; music; me time (:

Present hunt with the girls from 313 to Clarke Quay, but we ended up being empty-handed! Haha! Even sat in the middle of Central for a long time just to rest our legs before we set off for home~

But finally managed to try the custard buns from 包今天!

Love it as long as it’s flowy~~~
But of course Swee Choon ones still win in terms of the generous amount of filling (:

Things got dramatic before I even stepped into my void deck; smelt smoke before I realised that it’s coming out from my 2nd storey neighbour’s house! Then before I could react, the fire engine arrived and firefighters started dashing past me =/

I didn’t really know what to do because I don’t know if it’s safe to go back home or stay downstairs, but I know I shouldn’t be using the lift for sure. So I went back home using the lift from the other side only to find my mum getting all excited (yes, not panic but excited) over the free show…Zzzzz.

She even wanted to take the lift down to join the others who are already downstairs watching the show -.- But then the smoke got really bad that I started choking on it!

So we went back into the house and about 3 minutes later, the fire fighters were banging on our door asking us to evacuate. From this point onwards, I shall not elaborate, because the moment I think of it, I’m fuming like the fire!

Who the hell takes 5 fucking minutes to evacuate? Who the hell still bothers to drink water before evacuating?? Why did I even bother to wait??? Seriously.

If it’s my house that is on fire, we would all die for sure with such selfish burden fuck around. Or maybe not all, because I believe my mum will be the first to run off, like how she did.

All the people waiting for the firemen to fight the fire~

The aftermath of the flooded staircase

What a night right?

(via leilockheart.tumblr)


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