East Food Day!

Decided to head down to JAS to return my costume since I’m free~ If not I will just procrastinate and tell myself I have many other days, and when the other days come, I realised no, I don’t have time =/

Then headed down to Tanjong Katong to explore the place! I had always been passing by it whenever boss drove us to lunch when we were at the previous office, but I never get to explore there!

I know there are many nice places to hangout there and there are in fact still a few cafes/restaurants that I wanna try! (:
Happened to drop a stop earlier and this egg tart shop caught my eyes, so I decided to give it a try!

Okay, the shop is closed because I only took this photo at night, when it was already closed…LOL. Anyhow, here’s the Portuguese egg tart!

But actually, my main reason for coming all the way is to finally check out this recommended cupcake shop! (:


Chocolate cake that contains rum! ❤

Off to Parkway Parade after that for some exercise (shopping) before continuing the food day with tau huey! xD
But ordered the wrong one and it becomes the “normal market kind” and not the Lao Ban pudding kind~

Back to Tanjong Katong and after all the sweet treats, it’s time for some savoury – mushroommmmmmmmm! ❤

Then off for the last sweet treat of the day – chocolate mousse cake and MACARONS! 😀 😀 😀

Why are pretty desserts so seductive! Awwww~

The last part sounds like what I always answer! LOL.
(via leilockheart.tumblr)


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